Paper Example on Essential Traits for a Scholar

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Date:  2022-04-07


The word "scholar" refers to an individual with exemplary knowledge regarding a specific field of study. A scholar is an academic or intellectual specialist in an area of research, such as science, mathematics, and humanities among others. The outstanding ability in the preferred area of study makes scholars different from other individuals in the same field. However, even with the capabilities to develop a deeper understanding of concepts taught and acquired in the learning process, scholars need to have certain traits to drive them towards scholarly excellence. These essential attributes can be intrinsic or obtained from the environment. They determine a scholar's course of action, decision-making skills, as well as his or her critical-thinking abilities. This paper will discuss two essential traits that set the hallmark for scholarly success and assess why they are of significant influence in academic pursuit.

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A good scholar must be intellectually curious. Psychologists have defined this as a deep and persistent desire to know things. For a scholar, nothing can be more important than the desire to develop an understanding of concepts, and the rationale behind them. This aspiration drives them to ask the probing question "why," and at the same time, try to seek answers to it. By being inquisitive, scholars can learn and explore new ideas. Naturally, intellectual curiosity gives individuals the thirst and motivation to find relevant opportunities for learning. Thus, it enables scholars to engage in rational discourse, aimed at solving a particular problem, or for the general purposes of knowledge acquisition. By seeking to answer questions aroused by intellectual curiosity, scholars keep their mind sharp and engaged, which helps to improve their memory retention and retrieval of information learned. Importantly, an intellectually curious mind exposes a good scholar to new ideas, worlds, and limitless possibilities. Curiosity breeds exploration, and as a result, a scholar becomes privy to profound levels of knowledge.

Another essential trait that sets the tempo for high scholarly success is a creative and critical mind. Creative and critical thinking work simultaneously in a scholar's life, on his or her path to new heights. These traits encourage scholars to become resourceful people. Creativity enables them to think widely across all perspectives. Apparently, creativity does not limit scholars to their immediate surroundings. It encourages them to move beyond the norm, in order to come up with new ideas or strategies for handling issues. It also stimulates scholars in the application of innovativeness and imaginativeness in their research and academic endeavors. Scholars who lack creative and critical thinking skills are poor problem solvers and innovators. This is because, without these attributes, individuals are limited to a narrow perspective. Thus, it is prudent to conclude that solutions to wide-scale issues in the society are only provided by scholars, who have fresh and uninhibited perspectives on life.


In conclusion, it is clear that a scholar possesses a unique level of mastery and understanding that is rare in other learners. All scholars have different attributes that have driven them to success, thus distinguishing them from other people. However, they need to be a well-rounded people, who can utilize these crucial traits in coordination with others, for a meaningful knowledge acquisition process. They should be able to apply their unique creative and intellectual abilities in providing solutions to the numerous problems in the society. Their uniqueness in possession of these traits sets them as the critical drivers of a nation.

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