Paper Example on Emergency Services: Firefighting & Helpline 999

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Date:  2023-02-12

Emergency Services are some of the biggest priorities of any nation. Every government sets aside measures In case of emergencies such as fires, floods, among others. They also set aside a helpline number or means that the emergency services can be contacted anytime. One of the most common emergency services is firefighting services. It is made to come to aid in case of fires in the area which they are located. The emergency helpline in the USA is 999, and it is a 24 hour operating system that helps contact both the police and the firefighters. The number is easy to recall and easily dial on any phone. Due to the essence of the services, it is crucial that there are enough workers to respond to handle the many emergencies that may come up in a particular locality. This paper is a discussion of the topic on hiring new firefighters to serve in the firefighting department.

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I have learned about the many types of workers in a fire station. First, there should be telephone operators who pick calls from the civilians and determine the size of the threat. They then explain the details to the specially trained officers on the location, the expected risk that they will face and the size of the fire that they are facing. Depending on the size of the threat, the people may decide on the type of response they need. If the fire is in high building, they may choose to use helicopters and planes to put it out. This is essential in areas such as forest fires where other factors such as accessibility may be cumbersome. In the case of small fires, the use of fire engines may be the most economical. The experience has broadened my knowledge about the people work with and made it easier to understand their roles. Due to the different methods, it is clear that a lot of staff is needed. First, the fire stations require very qualified drivers who will operate the fire engines at high speeds without posing further risk to the firefighters or people on the road. The drivers need to have a class A driving license due to the nature of the machinery they are to operate. I have also operated the machinery and gained significant knowledge about how they work. Apart from that, the station requires firefighters who are well experienced in stopping fires and analyzing the risks. In case the fire is big, they will require pilots who can navigate the planes in smoky conditions while operating the firefighting machinery. Moreover, some servicemen are in charge of maintaining the firefighting equipment such as refilling the water reservoirs and ensuring that they are ready for an emergency at any time.

Moreover, the station needs to have trained mechanics who repair the equipment that has been damaged in the fires. The measure is economical since the mechanics are paid regularly and are available all the time for their jobs. They also service the vehicles and planes by doing regular checks and procedures after a particular duration. Medical personnel are needed in case of emergencies. They handle the victims of the fires and give them first aid before they are taken to hospital. The medical assistants may also come in handy when the officers are injured in the fires. During my experience, I have also learned basic repair procedures and interacted with most of the crewmembers. This is another need for more staff in the firefighting station. Every project needs funding if it is to be successful. All the staff need to be paid in due time to cater to their needs. The machinery also needs significant amounts of capital to operate and maintain. There are many more measures that need income in the station. After the funding is disbursed by the financers (the national government or private sponsors), it needs allocation into the different units. It calls for the employment of managers to allocate the funds to the various units according to their level of need. I learned that proper allocating is also needed to fund new projects such as the expansion of the station and buying new equipment to replace the old ones. Labor is an essential aspect of any enterprise. The people need to have proper skills to ensure that they curb the needs of the origination accordingly. The firefighting department is similar to all other segments with the urge to employ new firefighters and other management staff. The idea is due to the significant needs of the stations and the increasing threats of fires. The station needs people who are well experienced and can handle all the emergency needs as explained above.

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