Paper Example on Effectiveness and Usefulness of the Learning Experience

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Date:  2022-06-08


The learning experience proved useful in equipping me with all the skills needed in business research. Before enrolling in the course and doing the research assignments, my research skills were limited. However, as I progressed with the assignment, I was able to learn and understand all the steps of the research process. This research experience is valuable because it makes me an excellent researcher who is capable of solving business-related problems through research. Additionally, the skills gained in the course as well as the assignment makes me a good consumer of research.

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The Usefulness of the Learning Process


The learning experience equipped me with valuable skills that will help me to score quality grades in the course. More specifically, the research skills acquired in this assignment will enable me to identify scholarly articles and books for my revision and preparation for exams. Additionally, this assignment equipped me with reading and note-taking skills. I learned that reading is made easier through identification of key terms while note-taking should involve picking of the main points together with any useful supporting evidence.


The knowledge and skills obtained in this assignment are also useful in the successful completion of the program. This is because the research skills, reading skills, and note-taking skills acquired in this assignment are transferable to other courses. Consequently, application of these skills in preparing for skills in all my courses will enable me to excel in all my courses and, thus, complete the program on time.

Future Career

The research skills acquired in this program will enable me to ensure increased revenues and profitability in the organisation or business enterprise that I hope to lead in the future. This is because the research skills will enable me to identify the best social network marketing strategy for the company's products.

Life Generally

The research skills obtained in this course will help me to be a better consumer of research findings. When a person can read and understand research findings, his or her knowledge about a particular topic increases. That is, an individual can only know the truth about anything by being knowledgeable in research.

What Happened During the Learning Process?

The learning process was amazing as it gave me an opportunity to read, see, and hear a lot. The reading process exposed me to different types of research articles related to the advantages and disadvantages of the social network in business. I obtained the articles from scholarly databases with the help of a search strategy that yielded relevant articles. The following keywords were used for retrieving articles from databases: "benefits of social networks in business," "disadvantages of social networks in business," and "advantages and disadvantages of social media in business."

I learned to write good project objectives and project scope through the reading of research books and past research works. I learned that a good research objective should be clearly defined and contain both the variables being studied. It should also be a summary of what is to be achieved by the study and specific, measurable, attainable, and time-bound (SMART). Additionally, through extensive reading of how to write a good literature review, I was able to write this section of the research proposal at ease. I understood that a good literature review should be extensive, current or up to date, closely related to the topic and the research problem being investigated, and thorough. Even though this was an individual's research project, collaboration with friends and frequent consultation with my professor whenever I got stuck helped to move forward in the research process.

How Business Research Was Useful For Your Research Learning Process

The business research equipped me with skills in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. I learned that the essential steps in business research include choosing a research problem, the background of the study, research objectives, research hypothesis, literature review, research methodology, data analysis, discussion, and conclusion. More specifically, I learned that a research problem is a statement an area that has to the difficulty that needs to be eliminated, a condition that needs improvement, or a troubling question found in the scholarly literature that needs to be solved. Additionally, I learned that the background of the study is an essential component of a research paper as it helps to shed light on the current information pertaining the topic being explored and relevant history on the topic under study. The background of the study is also useful in proving the relevance of the thesis.

Moreover, I learned that research objectives should have clarity and contain the variables relevant to the study. The objectives should also be SMART. The business research process also enabled me to understand that a good research hypothesis should be testable, relevant to the problem, precise, and predictive of the future. Furthermore, I learned that a good literature review should be extensive, current or up to date, closely related to the topic and the research problem being investigated, and thorough.

Furthermore, the readings enabled me to understand how to develop the research methodology section of the paper: study design, the study population, sampling and sample size, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and data collection tools. Additionally, I was able to understand various ways of testing hypotheses such as Chi-square for testing the relationship between two categorical variables and independent t-test used to examine the relationship between a categorical independent variable and a continuous dependent variable.

Explain Your Learning Process

The assignments helped shaped my understanding of the research process. After completing the two assignments, my confidence in the research process and, especially, proposal writing was greatly enhanced. Unlike when I started the course, I am now capable of researching any business-related topics due to the confidence gained after undertaking the two assignments. I can also confidently say that I was able to accomplish the goals of the assignments. This is because I was able to demonstrate my knowledge and skills in research by completing the task as per the instructions.

Application of the Learning in Future

My long-term goal is to become a Chief Executive Officer of a company. Therefore, one of my key roles will be ensuring that the company achieves profitability through increased revenues. To accomplish this goal, I intend to identify the best social network marketing strategy. The identification of this marketing strategy will be made through business research. I will evaluate two or more social networks for their efficacy in achieving increased sales. The social network platform that will lead to the highest sales will be adopted by the company as its social network marketing platform

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