Paper Example on Best Instructional Practices: Clarity & Efficacy in the Classroom

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Date:  2023-03-02

The best instructional practices are the specific methods which do guide communication into the classroom. From personal teaching practices, I have concluded that as a teacher, clarity is required. This means that in every new unit that I begin as a new introduction with or to my students I should, I need to clarify mainly the purpose as well as the learning goal, and besides provide explicit norms on the erudition, pupils, or students will be efficacious. It is also perfect for giving or showing models as well as samples to scholars so they may get what the outcomes tend to be.

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Secondly, on my teaching practices, I concluded that it would be good to allow my students to engage in discussions. In this way, as a teacher, I need to either pace offstage to allow time for my students to have a conversation, which will help them to learn from each other. In this way, as a teacher, it is the high time for you to understand how your students are grasping or getting the new or whole content as well as the concept. The feedback is also essential, whether written or verbal. This way, as a teacher, I will understand better that my students are getting what I am teaching them better or not.

Additionally, the frequent question from the students does tell me as their guider that they got what I was teaching in the required way. As a teacher, for me to understand my student properly am also required to regularly give to them assignments that I'll also be necessary to check if they were adequately handled or not. Where the pupils did not get, I also have to repeat the topic and as well asses the students to ascertain that they got everything on the unit.

According to my own beliefs and as well from what I have learned from my students, it would be good to encourage your students as a teacher to repeat regularly or frequently what you have taught them earlier. This way, the students will be able to master everything and as well remember everything also.

Regarding my instructional practice, a few things need to be changed, and some of them are, I should create more time with my students and besides be available for their challenging questions. Again, as I mentioned earlier, I need to ensure that my student does have self-discussion where they will learn from each other. In that way, some students who cannot get me better they will get it from their colleagues. The practice is also another critical factor that I would change. Whenever I teach the students, and there is a way I can show something practically to them, it would be of importance since what they have seen with their eyes will not be easy to forget.


I do have a focused student classroom where mostly we are together with my pupils and where I choose what to teach my students or what they are going to learn daily. With this, my aim is always to develop student anatomy as well as independence. This is through hitting accountability for the knowledge pathway in the hands of pupils by conveying them through assistance and base on what way to learn an exact topic and representations vital to measure the precise presentation necessarily. I believe in educating the individual student.

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