My Street: 11 Linden Court

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Date:  2021-03-09

11 Linden Court is a friendly urban village that provides housing, open space, transportation and commercial choices to all its residents to meet business and residents owners' needs. The neighborhood is defined by a mix of buildings with different architectural designs, a walkable and safe pedestrian public realm, and an independent and vibrant community. The history of the street shows the past development works done that have influenced the footprint of the properties in the area. The major historical influence that has influenced the development of the area is the streetcar line that passed through the street. The presence of this line is what encouraged the commercial and residential developments in the area with the developers' goal being pedestrian-oriented. The houses have been built in such a way that they are modest in height and width, have a human character and a pedestrian-friendly area that the community has struggled to preserve over the years.

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The land in this area has been used wisely, with the community getting help from the recommendations passed by various government institutions on land use. These recommendations have helped greatly in the development of 11 Linden Street. The community has small, community-serving businesses such as grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants among other businesses that serve the needs of any community. There has been official recognition of all the past and current expansion patterns that made it easy for the area to acquire grants from the government so as to ensure that the character of the steer remains unchanged.

11 Linden Court has enjoyed a good transport system that consists of sidewalks, bicycle networks, parking and transit lanes. Together, all the systems have made movements for residents and visitors very convenient. The transport system connects people, services and goods within the area and the neighboring streets. The community in the area has managed the existing parking resources and transportation in the area to the maximum. The community has also sought more opportunities for expanding the area and making renovations to the public amenities that are used by all members of the community. However, parking is still a challenge in the area as it is provided on sides of the building, small spaces and public streets make it difficult for the residents and visitors to navigate through the area. During the holiday seasons, the customers are required to circumnavigate the driveway so as to secure packing. Though the transport system in the area has served people for a long time, they are no longer convenient because the street has developed over the years. The parking areas need to be re-designed so that they will make it easy for all to navigate through.

The environment around 11 Linden Court has been given serious consideration by the residents of the area. The community takes the quality of the natural air seriously as seen by the number of transport and environment committees in the area. There are however some environmental concerns that need to be addressed in the area. The community needs to form partnerships with organizations and volunteers so as to undertake maintenance services even if they are done seasonally. There is still more that needs to be done to better and manage the green infrastructure. The area needs to adopt good environmental management practices that will ensure that they continue enjoying the fresh air that they breathe.

For years, the community has addressed issues to do with environmental sustainability and stewardship by carrying out some initiatives and practices. There have been intense education workshops to teach the community about caring for the environment. The community has also encouraged the members to volunteer for the cleaning of the streets. The area has also been involved in some recycling and waste removals which involve the collection of garbage. The community has also been engaged in getting the greenhouses around to sign statements that commit them to reduce the greenhouse fume emissions.

The economy on 11 Linden Court is evidenced by the vast number of businesses around the area. The businesses support the local as well as the regional economy. This is because the businesses offer full-time employment opportunities, and offer several goods and services for the residents. The businesses also pay taxes and license fees that are used to further developments in the area as well as make some maintenance. This increases financial dependability, thus reducing incidences of insecurity.

In summary, there are so many desirable features that make 11 Linden Court a desirable place for businesses, residential houses, and for people to visit. The place is very desirable such that it has attracted the attention of several developers. The community has, therefore, needs to continue establishing clear vision and policy plans that will guide future developments in the area so as to retain the beauty and attraction of the area. The street needs to address issues to do with traffic, parking, building scale, massing, function, and density as well as the character of the street so as to preserve the heritage of the area. This will be important for sustainability purposes as well.

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