Paper Example on Antioxidants: The Key to Slowing the Aging Process

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Date:  2023-09-19


Aging is said to be caused by free radicals that damage body cells, and over time, the accumulated damage makes the organism age. The role of antioxidants in controlling aging is inhibiting the production of the free radical molecules and, therefore, protects cells from damage. The antioxidants delay the oxidation of the substrate and do so at very minute amounts. The antioxidants are believed to reduce peroxides' concentrations and repair the oxidized membranes, which are subject to damage (Fusco et al., 2007). It also quenches iron and therefore reduces the rate of oxidation in the body.

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Antioxidants like vitamin C are known to regenerate vitamin E, which occurs in the lipoproteins and membranes. The antioxidants also are essential in improving physical performance and the strength of muscles, which is highly associated with aging as the aged tend to grow feeble and weak. The use of substances such as beta carotene, vitamin C and E, minerals, and zinc reduces the chances of age-related muscular degeneration (AMD), especially in people who had advanced or intermediate AMD in one of the eyes.

Describe possible or actual side effects or dangers involved in using this treatment

There are several potential effects of using antioxidants in controlling aging. The first one is that at high concentrations, the antioxidants may act as pro-oxidants and increase oxidation. This is particularly dangerous as it may cause an increased activity that is unnecessary, especially for aged people. At high concentrations, the treatments may also protect some hazardous cells such as cancer cells and, therefore, provide a suitable environment for their proliferation (Fontenot, 2011). It may also cause an increase in healthy cells since the antioxidants inhibit the free radicles responsible for cell damage.

Therefore, it may lead to unhealthy body size, such as people becoming obese. Some of the side effects of being the use of antioxidants may include nausea, headaches, and even become toxic to the body, especially where the balance between oxidation and antioxidants is interrupted. High concentrations of antioxidant supplements have a risk of increasing lung cancer among smokers, and vitamin E increases the risk of one getting prostate cancer.

Describe anything else of interest about this treatment you have found

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that antioxidants in food content should be described as one of the nutrients. It provides that this can be done following food regulation (21 CFR 101.54(g)) (U.S Food and Drug Administration, 2008). However, the claims to be made on food should be done under the established Reference Daily Intake (RDI) and recognized the scientific activity of the oxidant. The scientific study being referenced should indicate the effects of the antioxidant on free radicals, which are in the body, especially after they are consumed, and absorption takes place in the gastrointestinal tract.

The consideration for RDI is 20 %, and for a good source, it would have 10-19% (U.S Food and Drug Administration, 2008). The antioxidant's claim must contain the name of all the nutrients that are included in the antioxidant. The label for high potency should indicate the minerals described to have the upper potency, which, n this case, is about 100% of the RDI. There are also several claims that antioxidants' use does not necessarily lead to longevity or reduces aging. This is because the applications that are being made have no scientific proof that the antioxidants reduce the aging effect.

Evaluate the quality of the information you uncovered about this treatment

Considering that the Food and Drug Administration has approved antioxidants, it means that they are safe. However, there is a strict limit as to the percentages that should be included in the RDI. Therefore, I may use the treatment only for particular purposes. The claims on no empirical evidence to support the effect of the treatment on aging also give a doubt on its effectiveness. Therefore, in my opinion, I would use the therapy with moderations to ensure that there are no extreme cases that may affect my health.

What specific things did you look for as you did the reading to prepare this paper that helped you make this decision?

The specific things that I considered are the safety of the treatment as far as benefits and side effects are concerned. To verify this, I thought about the guidance provided by the Food and Drug Administration. I found using the FDA since most of their publication is based on research that has been done to verify the safety of a food or drug. Therefore it is a trustworthy source. As indicated in the guidelines of the FDA, the use of the antioxidants is not limited; however, strict restrictions must be considered, such as the percentage that should be included in the RDI. Using the treatment in moderation would prevent both extreme ends: the side effects that would come with high concentrations and the diseases that may be caused by low frequencies.


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