Paper Example on a Research Geneticist Career

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Date:  2021-04-06

What preparation is required to qualify for a job like yours?

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A person who is interested in pursuing genetics as a field should take science and math courses with the seriousness that they deserve. A student who is interested in becoming a geneticist should ensure that he or she is a good performer in biology and chemistry. A person who is interested in becoming a geneticist should pursue a degree in Life Sciences. Technical skills related to genetics and analytical skills are a requirement for any person who is interested in a job like mine.

2. Environment

How would you describe the environment in which you work?

As a researcher in genetics, you are expected to carry out research on research projects either on your own or as part of a research team. Processing and analyzing results of data are part of the environment in which I work. A researcher in genetics is expected to dissipate his research findings to his or her professional colleagues.

How much outside or overtime work is required on your job?

A researcher in genetics is expected to make publications about his research findings as well as make presentations at scientific conferences. Collaborations with the academic or industry take place as a way of applying research results and developing new techniques.

3. Occupational Requirements and Experience

What preparation is required to qualify for a job like yours?

A degree in Life Sciences together with practical experience in the laboratory are important increasing chances of a person finding work that is related to genetics. However, many employers in the field of genetics value individuals who have pursued postdoctoral studies. A person should also ensure that he or she acquaints themselves with techniques that are applicable in the field of genetics. Temporary work in research institute could play a major role in assisting a person to understand the research environment in which geneticists work. Volunteering with organizations that conduct research about genetics can provide the necessary preparation required for a person who is interested in embarking on a genetics career. Logical thinking and computing skills are important for a person who is interested in a genetics career. Time management skills, communication skills and report writing skills are also very important.

What college courses would help me gain additional knowledge to prepare me for a position like this one?

Genetics, microbiology, bioinformatics and biotechnology are the college courses that would help you gain additional knowledge to prepare for a genetics career.

4. Benefits and Frustrations

What are the major rewards of your job?

Research scientists in genetics who conduct exemplary work are often awarded awards, prizes and recognition all over the world from fellow research scientists. A research scientist who does outstanding work is likely to be conferred with honorary professorships from prestigious universities all over the world. Research geneticists play major roles in improving human health.

What is the typical salary range for entry-level positions in this occupation?

The typical salary range for the entry-level position in genetics research is $40,000 to $70,000 a year.

5. Personal views

How did you personally get interested in this area of work?

I have an inquisitive mind. Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed working on experiments.

Did you have any practical experience or training, other than college, prior to your first job?

I volunteered in a research institute that is located in my hometown after I completed college, prior to my first job.

6. Outlook

What are the opportunities for advancement in this field?

There are many opportunities for the advancement in this field. A person who has a Ph.D. in genetics can pursue a postdoctoral degree to increase his or her chances of advancing in this field. Alternatively, one can decide to divert and venture into academia where he or she will become a lecturer or a professor.

What is the current demand for people in this occupation? Do you see any changes in the future?

There is a high demand for researchers in genetics.

In future, with advancement in technology, research scientists in genetics will be forced to have technological skills as technology becomes integrated with life sciences research.

7. Advice

What criteria would you use if you were responsible for hiring someone in this field?

I would ensure that the person has an appropriate degree, a degree in life sciences, technical skills and practical experience in genetics.

Are there any professional groups, organizations or activities that I can join which would be beneficial to me?

Professional groups and organizations that you can join that would be beneficial to you include science club and red-cross club. Volunteering in research institutions during holidays would help you acquaint with a research geneticist work environment.


I have learned that a research geneticist career is interesting and rewarding. A student who is interested in becoming a research geneticist should perform well in math, biology, and chemistry. Technical skills, analytical skills, and report-writing skills are important in the field. There are many opportunities in the field of research genetics. Entry salaries of research geneticists are above the national average. Research geneticists play major roles in improving human health.

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