Our Beautiful Summers and Her Wit: A Memoir - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-02


I still burst with laughter when I remember some of her old jokes, making my friends believe that I'm going insane. Humor was one of her best gifts, and her wit was an icing on the cake. The summer evening would be the epitome of ecstasy with her fingers cupped into mine as we chased butterflies. The reflection of the evening sun rays from her beautiful brown eyes would always be beautiful; I could see butterflies in them. She would tickle the palm of my hand as I jump in awkwardness. She would then follow my reaction with a hearty low-key wicked laugh.

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And when we played hide and seek in the outdoors, she would shout "Catlin, a bear," and I would spring out, and then she would grab me. I met Shaniah on the first day in high school and was instantly mesmerized by her enthralling allure. Her perfect big smile and nonchalance were warm enough to encourage friendship and later trust between us. Shaniah had a calming effect, I believe, would calm a thunderous stormy night. We would then set sails in the journey of love, a journey that was on and off till we went to different colleges.


On the first day of high school, each one was required to present something in front of the class. The nervousness in the still classroom could not die away as everyone would eventually perform something. As I shuffled inside my backpack looking for a presentation I had not prepared, a beaming dulcet voice hushed the room for attention. Shaniah had a paper from which she read the most beautiful poem I have ever heard. Her euphonious voice was pleasant as she alternated between couplets and tercets, alliterations and rhymes until I found myself clapping before she was even done. That is when I realized she had a way with words. Later that day, I was introduced to her by a friend for the first time. My young high school heart pounded with joy when I asked her to be my girlfriend and she agreed at the beginning of a new term. I knew no life without her in high school.

Details of the Story

Shaniah was an interesting person and was so passionate about her future and friends. She too schoolwork more seriously than I ever imagined. She was so good at many things; it was almost difficult for her to decide what she would be in the future. She wanted to be a poet, an author, a singer and composer. Furthermore, Shaniah was already an activist in high school. One summer holiday we took an expedition that was part of an environmental conservation exercise. We separated from the main group in the forest and came to a grassy clearing. As we sat on the grass, she recited another one of her poems. She said she wrote it for me. This is the day I learned something about each member of Shaniah's family. Her bother Bob was a musician and was already teaching her how to play the guitar. Younger sister Julie was a ballet dancer and her father builder. Shaniah's parents had divorced and are sharing custody of Julie. She was allergic to cats and pollen while she admired butterflies. When she caught one, she would smile at it and while at it, I would stare at her admiringly for the whole day.

Being a Black Lives Matter activist, Shaniah often found herself passionately defending the rights of her friends in school. Once in a frequent while, our school had issues of cyberbullying targeting the minority groups, and she would lead the frontline chanting. I admired her courage and sensitivity to humanity and this motivated me to join her activism whenever I did not have schoolwork.

One of the things I admired about Shaniah is that she was multitalented. While she saw some other careers, I saw a future politician or lawmaker because of her assertiveness. She knew what to say at the right time; she was a rare breed. She would sway the masses by her speech as her articulation and vigor were immeasurable. She also gave the best hugs. Shaniah's downside was that she would easily get angry.

Shaniah's family moved when we were almost senior students. I never heard a word from her either through letters, emails, or phone calls until she joined college three years later. When we got in touch, she told me she was still an activist in college. Because we settled in different colleges, we were hardly together and talked much less with each other. She told me she had made new friends in her college and got busier with school life. This meant we spoke less and less as time went by. After months of no communication with Shaniah, she moved on with her life and I did with mine too. Despite this distance, we still somehow managed to meet and were there for each other.


In conclusion, high school romance is a topic that can bring back old memories and provide anyone with an opportunity to relive their younger days. Without a doubt, Shaniah brightened my days and heart in high school. Her view of life changed my perspective of perception of various aspects. She was self-driven, ambitious and fierce in her pursuit of success. Her story can motivate anybody, especially young people, so that they can motivate themselves to achieve more and still leave school amazing nostalgic memories.

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