Organizational Change: Strategies to Overcome Challenges - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-27


Organizations face challenges where they are implementing changes in their technology equipment and other activities that the organizations are involved in. Various factors cause hiccups; hence, the organizations must come up with strategies to deal with the challenges. The organization is left in a dilemma whether to implement the changes or give in to the challenges brought by the implementation of new technology by the organization. The new technology is meant to improve how things are done at the company and fixing the challenges experienced while using the previous technology. There are key challenges faced by national instrument organization during the reorganization of the information technology.

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The national instrument uses social tools when dealing with challenges associated with information technology reorganization. Among the challenges faced during information technology reorganization include the organization being required to train the employees afresh on how to use the latest technologies (Applegate, Pearlson, and Kindred, 2013). New technologies come with different ways of doing things; therefore, the employees have to be trained in using the new technologies. Training the employees helps in eliminating the risks and accidents that might occur when the employees are unable to handle the new technology. Training enables the employees to appreciate the benefits brought by the new technology. The training will help in eliminating the resistance among the employees that have a phobia over new technologies.

Technology failure is also among the challenges that organizations face when implementing new technologies. Technologies that the national instrument organization relies on, such as software, are very critical to the operations of an organization (Applegate, Pearlson, and Kindred, 2013). When the implementation of new technology fails, the operations of the national instrument organization are likely to get disrupted. The implementation of new technology is challenging to the national instrument organization because it has to ensure that all operations remain running. Planning is necessary to come up with strategies that will work in case the new technology fails. Some technologies need to be implemented in phases to ensure continuous operations at the national instrument organization. It also provides room for errors to be fixed when the technology fails.

When a national instrument develops new software, the software might not help the organization in meeting its objectives. In such instances, the organization has to make changes to the software to meet the needs of the organization (Applegate, Pearlson, and Kindred, 2013). Software's require to be updated regularly to meet the new needs of the organization. The challenge of errors has to be fixed any time the error occurs. The national instrument can reorganize its information technology and adopt the new technology successfully. The employees embrace new technology because they believe that technology will make their work easier.

Financial challenge is also among the challenges that national instruments organization had to deal with (Applegate, Pearlson, and Kindred, 2013). There is a budget set to be used for implanting new technologies, but in most instances, the budget is not enough. There are new costs that come up when errors occur in the implementation of new technologies such as software. The reorganization is significant when the budget is not enough because the organization has to use limited resources effectively.


In conclusion, organizations face challenges in the implementation of new technologies. The organization needs to develop strategies that will help when the challenges come up. The key challenges to information technology reorganization occur when the organization is not prepared. The challenges include financial challenges, technology failure, and employee resistance.


Applegate, L.M., Pearlson, K. and, Kindred, N., 2013. National Instruments.

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