Sources of Competitive Advantage of SodaStream

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Date:  2021-09-02

SodaStream is a company that produces carbonated water for sale. This group focuses on its product as a way of attracting and retaining its customers. It provides a unique product that comes in three different colors namely red, black and white to give consumers to select one of their best choice (SodaStream, 2016a). SodaStream source provides the consumers with the opportunity to carbonate their water and also allow them to add flavor packs to it. It, therefore, means that it concentrates on the value of its products to ensure that it meets the demand and expectation of its customers (Kotler and HYPERLINK "" \o "Gary M. Armstrong (page does not exist)" Gary, 2006). There are a lot of benefits that customers derive from using SodaStream products. It has more than forty tasting flavors such as diet sweetened naturally, caffeine free and healthy tastes. It packs its products in small disposable bottles which prevent consumers from storing or carrying large bottles. This company uses the most efficient and innovative way when making sodas. The cost of production is meager, and this makes it compete with other businesses effectively in the market.

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SodaStream achieves its goals of profit maximization and cost minimization because it understands the needs and want of the target market. It also ensures that it produces products that satisfy customers better than the competitors. SodaStream is not focused on getting the right customer but emphasizes on getting the right product for them. This company engages in heavy sales promotions to create awareness about its existing and new products. SodaStream uses different marketing strategies to achieve its marketing campaigns (Kotler and HYPERLINK "" \o "Gary M. Armstrong (page does not exist)" Gary, 2006). It has an objective of informing and educating its consumers on SodaStream source in the domestic market, single carbonated beverages machine. It also wants its products to gain public attention and exposure to its healthier carbonated beverage alternatives. Furthermore, it wants to advertise that its products are budget-friendly alternatives to other beverages sold in the same market. Soda stream uses digital media and social media to promote its products. It is because they are cost-effective and allow it to communicate to different consumers either in the global or domestic market.

Different marketing forces affect marketing of SodaStream. They include the availability of resources, competition, legal and regulation issues and the customer environment. The management of Sodastream must assess whether it has sufficient resources that it can use for marketing purposes (Kotler and HYPERLINK "" \o "Gary M. Armstrong (page does not exist)" Gary, 2006). It must ensure that it has a stronger financial base, skilled human support, and relationship with primary supply chain partners. It is also essential for SodaStream to consider customer environment. It must evaluate both current and future condition of customers in the target market. They must know the customer potential, current needs, and competitors products. It helps them in developing effective marketing strategies that can make the company achieve its marketing objectives.

SodaStream takes strategic actions that make it more competitive. It uses differentiated products that provide unique value to its customers (Armstrong, 2012). It also adopts cost leadership strategies which make it produce and distribute its products at a lower cost, and this makes it different from the competitors. It creates a range of products that give customers an opportunity to select a product of their own choices. It also markets its products through different marketing platforms such as social media, digital media and even traditional media such as radio and TV. It attracts the attention of its consumers by exposing its product attractively.


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