My Meditation Experience

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Date:  2021-03-05

10 minutes.

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Today is my first day of the meditation session. It seems more difficult than I expected. Concentration seems to drift away easily with the slightest of destructions taking away my attention. The rhythm of the breath seems to be averagely fast.

Friday Day 2 - 5.50 am

10 minutes.

Considering that I may remember something I hadn't done, I wake up ten minutes earlier. This must be done today is my motto for the day which happens to be my motto every time I do something that is difficult to other people as well. I am able to concentrate for a few minutes but many to me think of everything around me without particular focus but at the end the feeling is all success.

Saturday Day 3 - 9.00 pm

15 minutes.

At first unwilling to have the session, I nonetheless commit myself and the decision seems to be rewarding as I am able to have a deep insight and focus entirely on my subject of meditation. I feel an inward peace and calmness

Sunday Day 4 - 6.30 am

15 minutes.

I have to do this today. Finally I am able to concentrate which as many will argue and which might be true, due to last night's occurrences. I have a deep insight into all that I have achieved since childhood, the successes, the awards and the accolades. The sessions bring a form of relaxation as I am able to focus my thoughts on one thing.

Monday Day 5 - 9.00 am

15 minutes.

I decide to hold the session in a different location that is my bedroom in order to see the new changes that may occur. I focus my thoughts and hear my breathing pattern which is at first high and then slow towards the end. I feel calm and ready for the day.

Tuesday Day 6 - 10.00 pm

15 minutes.

I finally feel comfortable having the session in the sitting room posture check, environment check and surprisingly session check. Yes, surprising because the latter happens in the unwanted manner no matter the condition. I meditate for ten minutes and the focus now seems to be an easy thing to accomplish.

Wednesday Day 7 - 9.00 pm

20 minutes.

Is this a day of the week? According to the meditation schedule it looks like it is not. Anyway I have to do this in order to ensure progress which at first was not evident. I am now able to focus on the pattern of the breath which is now slow and with a definite pattern. The progress is impressive. I feel peace and serenity and my body feels relieved.

Thursday Day 8 - 6.00 am

20 minutes.

I think about the coming week which must be a success and the resolutions for the week which honestly, using past statistics will most probably not come to pass. I can now comfortably say that my concentration is fair and I am able to shift my focus almost entirely to the session. I am able to feel an improvement of my health with certain common ailments such as headaches now almost forgotten. The body and soul seem to be adjusting and responding well to the sessions.

Friday Day 9 - 9.00 pm

20 minutes.

With the environment being friendly, I still find it hard to keep my fingers off the phone. The noise from the message notifications spoils the otherwise quiet environment. I think of various things but each at its own time which was not possible in the first days of the session.

Saturday Day 10 - 6.00 am

20 minutes.

I have a session which up to now seems the most successful or to motivate myself, successful. I feel calm after the religious session which involves self-questioning about my values.

Sunday Day 11 - 5.55 am

25 minutes.

The progress I am making is evident and motivates me. I have a session which is relatively successful and am able to focus my thoughts away from the stresses and pressure of life which has a major effect on my mental sanity.

Monday Day 12 -8.00 pm

25 minutes.

I settle down and I am able to adjust to the meditation sessions quickly which was not the case at first. The therapeutic effects are evident as I am able to feel better and at peace. I can now focus on my breathing pattern which is steady and I notice reduction in my stress levels.

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