Online Classes: Exploring their Characteristics & Benefits - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-23


There has been an increase in the number of students engaging in online classes. The two types of learning differ due to their distinct characteristics in teaching. Online classes usually use the internet to conduct instruction. There is also the implementation of information and communications technology equipment and technologies in learning. Information and communication technology devices offer the learners with tools such as video conferences and chats incorporating dynamicity into the learning process. The tools help ease the process of learning. Online classes are usually associated with cheaper costs due to reduced infrastructure costs. Traditional classes, however, are costly because of the costs of maintaining infrastructure, supplies, and travel expenses.

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Online classes have an asynchronous system, helping the learners access their courses from a remote location and take their exams. Online courses increase the curiosity and independence of the students. It is unlike the traditional classes usually bases in classrooms. With traditional learning, the students attend classes in physical classrooms. In traditional classes, the learners hold a passive role in education and have to adjust to the method of teaching adopted by the teacher. It is unlike the online courses in which students are responsible for directing the process of learning.

The two classes differ in terms of the relationships existing between the teachers and the learners. In traditional courses, the students and teachers communicate face-to-face, developing a different dynamic association. Online classes, on the other hand, lack the availability of the interactions between the student and the teacher. In online classes, the two communicate with the use of forums and other online discussion forums for chatting. The traditional courses, therefore, offer the students a platform for increased support and development of personal associations between the students and teachers. Online classes tend to have updated content because of the digital format, unlike traditional classes whose content usually takes prolonged periods to update.

Traditional and online classes differ in terms of levels of participation from the students. Traditional classes are characterized by the voluntary participation of the students. In the classes, the learners can voluntarily participate in various discussions. It is also not mandatory for them to ask and provide solutions to questions. In online classes, however, the students must actively participate in the coursework. The students must participate in the online discussions in message boards. It, therefore, provides for an opportunity for students to hear various opinions.

The two classes are also different depending on the tests and assignments done. In traditional classes, the students are exposed to various kinds of assessments. The assessments vary from presentations, oral examinations, and written tests. Online classes, on the other hand, are restricted like assessments. The learners are provided with tests they are capable of completing. The learners are given grades depending on their contributions to online discussions and papers. The assessments in online classes usually are practical.

Online classes provide opportunities for any student despite their physical location. Any student can access resources and carry out their learning from anywhere in the world. Traditional, on the other hand, can only be attended by students having physical access to the institution. Online classes are associated with flexibility in the timetable. A learner can access content without any time restrictions. It is unlike the traditional classes for which schedules are rigid, and the learner has to make time to attend the course at a specific time. The learners in traditional classes necessitate that learners plan their time outside the class schedule. It is to provide time for other projects. Online, on the contrary, require that the learners obtain the learning materials on their program. It is because of the lack of organized classes.

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