Nursing Student Journey at John Hopkins: Overcoming Challenges and Learning - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-23


As a nursing student, I was presented at John Hopkins hospital for the nursing internship. The first experience at the hospital was, however, challenging since i was a novice student. However, over time developing a plan helped in completing the expected timeframe for learning how to handle Psychiatric Client. Most clients visiting the counsel clinic had mild symptoms of distress. However, there were a few numbers of cases of extreme mental health condition in which the victims had strange behavior. The nursing expectation from the handling was to develop abilities essential for giving both individual and group therapy to promote mental health across families and individuals. Other related experiences necessitating practicum development was a regular visit to homes to offer mental health therapy to young adults and teens alongside their parents. Through the encounter of diverse individuals suffering from traumatic disorders, post-traumatic disorders, and other distress related disorders helped in formulating a list of achievable outcomes expected at the end of the practical exercise.

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Objective 1

Within the semester, I will provide both non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapy to at least ten young adults suffering from anorexia nervosa. The clients will comprise of male and female. To achieve successful treatment, therapy will call for collaborative healthcare administration. Community participation in the case will involve both inter-disciplinary health professionals and family intervention in providing care to the victims. Professional with experience in administering family-based therapy will be very important in reaching the objective success. Health promotion strategies will need to be formulated while formulating non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment to patients. An expert opinion will be provided at the end of the plan. At least 3v month-period will be essential for achieving observable changes to the patients (Meets NURS 754: PMHNP Practicum I Course Learning Objective 3)

Smart Objective 2

Management and Diagnosis of the Psychiatric Client for the PMHNP

To achieve the best control and diagnosis for psychiatric mental health patients, I was expected to show the advanced skills require for a complete psychiatric evaluation. The practice involved taking part in regular assessment of target individual food patterns and try to determine whether they have any underlying psychological problem hindering their nutrition. Other methods included assessing the patient through a series of structured questions to establish the extent of their mental health. The comparison was made against a scale of 5. Five represented the highest degree of mental health challenges, while 1 represented good mental health.

Objective 3

Since my practice preceptor provides nursing care on the psychiatric department handling a wide range of traumatic and post-traumatic disorders, achieving the best results can be guaranteed. The impact of the Christian world in administering post-traumatic and traumatic disorders will be directly assessed by interviewing the clients or accessing information online through the technology-aided platform. Advanced tools within the department, such as the scale recording for every patient under treatment, will be used as the extend of how "critical" the situation is as well as determine the likelihood of recovery of the patient using the current treatment method. Other related information gathering techniques such as patient screening will be used to establish the extent of the condition hence evaluating the best therapy administration technique to adopt.

Objective 4

Before the completion of the current semester, the set goal is to attend at least three individuals suffering from traumatic disorders. Following the earlier experiences of the patients, therapy administration will be oriented towards personal improvement and recovery from their current situation. When carrying out different assessments on the patients, an appropriate therapy administration using the evident-based method to determine the most suitable model for each respective patient. Application of earlier gained knowledge on population health administration, psychosocial, pathophysiological, and biological medical intervention will be used to carry out the evaluation. Proper documentation of the problem as described by the patient, recording the number of therapy applications, determination of the progress, and offering the patient the learning process using the nursing-based model will help achieve measurable outcomes. Documentation of the advice being given to the patient will be depended on to patient's ability to recall and recite the various treatment advice provided and their willingness to adopt. Due to the presence of sufficient time, carrying regular outpatient clinics will be included during the practical session.

Objective 5

Completing at least three defined clinical conclusions will be the most significant achievement for the semester. All the processes being used for the case will be documented by carrying out a psychiatric assessment on the earlier investigated patients with traumatic and post-traumatic disorders. Performance measures will be based on their overall behavior regarding recovering from the situation. The secured workplace provides the necessary and essential experience needed when dealing with individuals suffering from traumatic disorders. Among the patients used for piloting therapy, two will be documented depending on the extreme of the condition. All possible completely recovered clients will be recorded alongside the various therapy administration methodology used for the patient's treatment. The study will involve daily monitoring for six months. The behavioral change will be evaluated depending on the other scholarly reviewed articles on therapy effectiveness. (Meets NURS 754: PMHNP Practicum I Course Learning Objective 5, 8)

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