Nursing Advocacy: An Inherent Element of Professionalism - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-25


Advocacy, as a concept has been extensively appreciated in other careers apart from nursing. Though, the actual interpretation of nurses' perception of advocacy deviates in the context. Advocacy of the patient in the medical setting as an initiative taken to achieve objectives on behalf of others or one's self. Besides, the idea of advocacy is a philosophical discipline in the profession of nursing (Abbaszadeh, Borhani, & Motamed, 2013). The notion of advocacy is an entrenched element of nursing exercise. Thus, nurses are required by their ethical code of profession to intervene on behalf of a patient in circumstances of a dilemma. This is manly for ethics in the medical setting.

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Three attributes of advocacy in nursing are core. These attributes are defending social justice in the health care provision, acting on behalf on behalf of the patient and safeguarding the autonomy of the patient. These attributes champion the idea that advocacy encourages the safety of the patient and makes sure there is quality in the care of the patient (Kalaitzidis, & Jewell, 2015). In history, advocacy of patient has been a responsibility in ethics for nurses. Majority of nurses observed their everyday activities in the medical setting and procedures done on behalf of patients as an advocate of patients.

OB-GYN or obstetrician-gynaecologist, is a healthcare provider that focusses on the reproductive health of the female. Professionals qualified as OB-GYNs are specialized in both gynecology and obstetrics. Obstetrics entails the issues with expectant women, inclusive of babies' delivery. Gynaecology concentrates on the reproductive system of the female, treating an array of conditions, including chronic pain and STIs. The OB-GYN has numerous uses in the community. They give answers to questions about reproductive health, sex, fertility, pregnancy and other diverse topics. Even though recommendations vary with time and age, most women visit their OB-GYNs more than once annually (Zawn, 2019). OB-GYN has a lot of value in the community. Apart from dealing with the women, OB-GYNs may also address general needs of health, like packing prescriptions for common diseases, referring patients to specialists, executing blood work for some conditions, and screening for issues of mental health.


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