Essay Sample on Nutrition and Obesity

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Based on the case with Marcus, obesity adult patient, it is significant to note that the best intervention remedies for this patient would be on the program that enhances the mental, emotional, and physical changes in the lifestyle of the patient. The intervention program for Marcus is on three significant transformations and principles. These issues include the curiosity, diversity, and the individuality in the system used for the management of the condition. The program would be based on the ability of the patient to comprehend and take up the leading role in the learning process to enable him to undertake the treatment remedies in line with the laid down procedures (Harris et al., 2018). Marcus seems not to be taking a keen interest in the utilization of the drugs meant for the control of the sugar levels in his blood. On the contrary, he complains that the drugs tend to make him drowsy and cannot undertake his role as a truck driver. This notion is a very wrong idea in the life of the patient as he seems to be keeping an eye in the use of Acetaminophen to help reduce pain as opposed to the actual drugs needed to help keep his blood sugar levels in check.

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The primary aim of this program is to help teach Marcus on the significance of the avoiding of over-concentration on the weight loss remedies. Therefore, it would be significant to establish some form of efficiency and proficiency in the available plans at the separate levels of treatment to help in keeping a check on the weight loss. The program also aims at the giving a robust termination and maintenance stages that would be significant in the keeping the weight loss and even that would help control the wounds developed due to this condition on the patient (Gow et al., 2018). There is the need for the health personnel to help amicably communicate such remedies to the patient to help understand the importance of creating a changed lifestyle that would help him control his condition in a better manner.

Based on the condition of the patient's pain on the knees, there is a need to undertake caution in the intensity, frequency, and the duration of the physical exercise. Marcus needs to conduct both the strength and stretching exercises to help relieve the pain in the knees (Harris et al., 2018). The act of stretching would assist in the improvement of the muscle function around the knee and thus aid in the mobilization of the fluid that would reduce the chances of swelling. Examples of such activities include orthotics, heat, cold therapies, bracing, and splinting.

There is the need to bring in the remedies inclined to diet in the control of the healing process of the knee and the wound at the base of his heel. The best treatment remedy for the injury found at the heel of the patient would involve the use of the maggot debridement therapy (MDT). This procedure consists of the application of maggots at the site of infection (Gow et al., 2018). As much as the technique may seem and look peculiar, it has effectively helped in the healing process of wounds especially in patients who have diabetes just as in the case of Marcus.

The principle in which the MDT uses lies in the process of debridement where the larvae are believed to have the capacity to carry out the method of debridement at a faster rate. This notion would then ensure that the open wound at the foot of the patient would close faster because of the higher rate of granulation at the site. MDT is quite useful in the removal of the necrotic, nonhealing, and the soft tissues present in the open wounds (Harris et al., 2018). This gesture then allows the treatment of the venous stasis ulcers and the foot ulcers to take a faster pace in the development of the healthy tissues around the surface of the wound.

Calliphoridae is the best option of the maggots to be used on the diabetic patients and this would be administered at a dose of concentration of 6 per square cm of the open wound. In the case of Marcus, 24 maggots would be applied to the open wound and dressed adequately to allow for the circulation of air that would enable the process of draining the necrotic tissue from the surface of the healing wound. However, there is the need for the treatment remedies to keep keen interest on the possibility of the occurrence of some form of side effects on the patients such as mild pain and anxiety (Gow et al., 2018). The physical therapist needs to help in the assessment of the wound to come up with the functional deficits in the injury that would be significant in the deciding on what kind of physical exercise is necessary for the patients in one way or the other. Mild exercise would be recommended for this patient to help him in the improvement of the strength and motion across the wound. The same practice would also be significant in the minimizing of the friction and shear forces around the injury.


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