North Memorial Health Hospital: 60 Years of Emergency Care - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-03-30


The company I choose for the study is North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbin's dale, Minnesota, which is a long term facility. I decided to go right with the hospital because I happen to work in the organization as a Human Resource administrator and also that the hospital is a perfect organization for my selected scenario. North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbin's dale, Minnesota, has been a long term hospital that provides emergency for inpatients for close to 60 years, and this has significantly seen them rise to become the leading hospital in that regard. The hospital has a family birth center where mothers get an exquisite chance to have their children in the most serene and safe place. The hospital also has significantly arranged for a center in the hospital referred to as the walls of heroes where people get to tell their experiences and stories, which are very inspiring to families or friends at any time. The hospital also shines high as the industry leader to having a robotic surgery center where minimal robotic surgeries in metabolic or bariatric or cardiovascular surgeries are done. The hospital also specializes in mental health services where they offer services related to mental sickness, which is a common condition in the current society. Being an HR administrator, I had the chance to get to understand all about the hospital and how successful they have grown and the risks they have to take.

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HR Issue

Employees leaving for greener pastures are elements in most organizations that happen and are not easy to prevent. In most cases, organizations try to retain their employees who wish to seek employment at different facilities because of high wages. Wage is a motivating factor for every employee in any chosen field. It is, therefore, the duty of the top-level management to adequately address this issue whenever it occurs because it can easily translate to a greater loss to the organization.

North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbin's dale, Minnesota, is facing a similar crisis where employees in the hospital are willing to ditch their former employer in search of higher wages in other similar firms. The hospital has to look out for means through which such instances are totally addressed, and the hospital need not suffer from a high turnover rate because of low turnover rates. The scenario presented will typically form the basis of the discussion while exploring the various health practices that can be incorporated to influence or help solve in such circumstances.

Possible Causes

One of the imminent factors that can motivate employees to leave their jobs for another is when there is a lack of development or growth. Without the opportunity to allow employees to grow and develop in their chosen career stations, most of them will feel the need to seek employment in other places because growth and development for employees is a paramount factor for knowledge advancement. Lack of recognition and feedback is another factor that influences turnover in organizations; communication feedback and recognition are two essential employee relation factors that every organization needs to focus on in their daily operations. When skilled and quality employees feel like they are not appreciated in their work or recognized, their option might be to seek employment in another station that sees them and duly recognizes their input in the organization.

Being in the human resource department, such cases have continued to increase the administration of the hospital is looking for means to address such crisis. Poor employee selection is the other major cause of employee turnover in an organization in any place. The alignment and grouping are very hard, but forcing a duo or group to operate together is an act that never leads to the success of the organization. Hospitals, for instance, requires constant work relation between the nurses, for instance, where working as a team is a critical requirement. In such cases, when the nurses are not in a working relationship or they are selected poorly, then this, in the long run, might see one of the employees seek to leave the organization for another.

Overworking has become a major reason why turnover rates are increasing in organizations. It might be a normal thing during periods of economic pressure when employers seem to ask their employers for extra work. Having employees work for longer hours also constitutes overworking, and sometimes this collides with the personal work of the employees, and so many will opt to leave their work and seek employment elsewhere. At North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbin's dale, Minnesota, the nurses and other employees work under instructions as given by their superiors at any given time. When employees are overworked, they are simply given a choice to decide on their family a persona;l errands or work, and in most cases, these employees leave the environment that overworks them, and they tend to seek employment elsewhere.

Comparison of Best Practices

Retention, which entails the rate at which employees are maintained in their working environment instead of leaving for other jobs, is the concept that I will be comparing. Retention is a major concern in organizations, and addressing the matter requires total commitment into the entire process. Employers need to understand that for retention to be an effective practice in the organization, turnover rates. One of the common industry-based practices that can be applied in this regard is reducing the turnover rates by creating an environment where employees will feel valued, and their input appreciated in the entire firm. When the turnover rate is reduced, the employers of the organization will have an easy time managing them.

Constant consultation is the other practice because it involves having the employees at the center of the operation. It is a practice that allows the management to ascertain the nature of the working environment of the employees and to get to understand better what they require and need in their business operation. Consultation revolves around issues related to decision making, and this stands as the epitome of employee satisfaction and reduction of turnover rates. Peer-reviewed practices, on the other hand, include practices such as scanning the culture of the organization and its values pertaining to work ethic. The culture of the organization and the values that define the nature of employee relations in the organization is a practice that major organizations use in the process of employee retention.

Work ethics and values and the organization culture all relate to the nature of relationships and existence between the employees and their employers. A good and accommodative working ethic right from the top management to the subordinate employees creates a working environment that cannot elicit high turn overrates, which might scare employees to leave the organization. Working relationships are a very important element in an organization as they define how employees feel and their attitude towards work.

Workforce Recruitment

Workforce recruitment is an industry-based practice that is used in the process of hiring workers to fill up job vacancies. It is a practice that can be used to fill up the retention gap, but a critical process has to be followed. With workforce recruitment and being a human resource administrator, agreeing on the profile list of the candidates should be the number one priority because it helps the organization to align their desired qualities in their fields of choice. On the same wavelength, the management will have to talk to the existing team of employees on the incoming workmates who they will have to work in hand to deliver for the organization. Communication is an essential practice in all fields of the organization, and thus, the administration has to ensure that information is passed correctly to ensure that there won't be a misunderstanding in the nature of work operation between the workers.

Training as a recruitment practice also falls in because fresh applicants will require guidelines and assistance before they get to understand the nature of their work assignment and operation. Training does not only go to the applicants but also the managers as they also require the skills to keep the organization going and ensure the subordinates understand what is needed of them.

Development of Existing Staff

The first step towards developing the existing stuff through creating personal development plans for the employees and discussing their personal goals and interests. Having a conversation with your employees about their interests and goals helps in the identification of their development activities that they should be undertaking. Employees do not share the same perspectives or goals in their lives; the development plan should be a roadmap for the employees that put across the measurable goals and the timeframe that is realistic to be achieved. Discussing and adding detail to the employee's development blueprint increases their chances for a return-on-investment.

Another way of developing the current stuff in an organization is through providing p-performance metrics for the purpose of helping the employees understand where they are supposed to be or what can be achieved realistically. As a human resource manager, it is important to note that as the performance metric continues to be met, the standard can be raised for the employee to feel the sense of continued accomplishment. The manager of the organization should always work with the employees to have a picture of where they want to be and the objectives to be achieved.

Providing opportunities outside job confide because the current structure of most organizations is very compartmentalized in a way that employees believe that they can operate only within the function of their department. However, for one to successfully develop a worker for a larger task in the organization, they have to understand the means through which the aspects of the firm operate. Especially in the hospitals, the system of operation is divided in ways by which employees are mostly concentrated in their respective functions and not in general, development employees to adapt to a larger role successfully enables them to fully tap into the success of the organization fully.

Evaluation and Retention Program

It is vital to practice in the organization because when the management puts much effort into the retention of their best employees, then they will most likely gain a competitive advantage. If compared to the efforts in retaining clients, mostly employee retention ends up being shortened. The problem with an organization not retaining their talent is that they will end up having trouble in retaining their clients, thus leading to a stall for growth. The efforts that translate to an effective employee retention plan start when the senior leadership to an organization decides to assure the consistency in the execution of set strategy by ensuring that the top managers understand and value the relevance of employee retention. These retention programs and evaluation thus helps to keep the employees at a competitive level by ensuring that they are sharp enough to maser their operations at work.

Succession and Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for succession requires the approach of different avenues, which largely depends on the nature of the situation of the organization. In various cases, the institution may have to some of their employees along very quickly for the purpose of exposing them to a broader range of experiences, and the possibility to occupy the vacancies that will be left. In other cases, a deeper analysis of chosen departments or disciplines may be selected. A majority of the processes involved in succession depends on the competencies of th...

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