Name Assignment and Distribution Strategies for Oral B Electronic Toothbrush - Research Paper

Paper Type:  Research paper
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  596 Words
Date:  2023-03-04


In this paper, I will assign a name to the Oral B developed electronic toothbrush and discuss distribution and marketing strategies relevant to the designed toothbrush. To assign this product a name, I will consider some factors. They include; a name that describes what the product does use real words but twists are allowed too, might consider using a suffix or a prefix, make up a word or even change the spelling of a word and others such as turning the word into a verb (McDonald & Wilson 2016). In this case, the new developments to the toothbrush are the addition of a tube that adds the paste to the brush once the brush is turned on and starts to function. Considering that the toothbrush uses artificial intelligence to perform and it is a product by Oral B with a new trait on automatically adding paste, an appropriate name could be OraB pasted. This name has been created from the words Oral B and pasted, which symbolizes the presence of paste in the toothbrush.

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Distribution Strategy

It is essential to understand a product's audience to pick the appropriate marketing plan for the product. The first audience, in this case, would be the individuals with great concern regarding their oral health. A significant number of such consumers are adults, especially ones with oral health issues (Meredith 2016). Therefore, it would be essential to consider places such as dentists and drug stores first before distributing to other areas such as the groceries and big retail stores, supermarkets, and accommodation premises such as hotels. The audience is more likely to be reached using this strategy and even attracting a new audience by distributing to large retail stores.

Promotion Strategy

Product promotion on Oral-B pasted can be done through methods such as commercials and posters at the dental clinics and stores which had previously done well on the product even before its development. The advertising method should highlight and insist on the health benefits and advantages there is to using that toothbrush besides healthcare, things like affordability and making work more comfortable. Promotion on this product can also be conducted through the use of television commercials (Good & Hassay 2015). Larger populations of people use television for entertainment. The ad can be done at a strategic time, such as a time when most people are at home or in between a television program that most people adore. This strategy ensures that the information has reached a more comprehensive target, and new customers have been lured to the product.

Another marketing strategy for this product is the use of celebrities and billboards for marketing. A star with many fans is capable of attracting significant sales and some loyal customers of the product. Many fans will use the product as a result of luring by the celebrity. However, a reminder promotion has to be done after significant sales. This will keep the new customers convinced that this product is better the product they previously used. The final promotion method is the use of billboards. Billboards are easy to notice, especially when the right model's picture is used. The advertisement could pass the message to a lot of people and attract significant sales.


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