Case Study on DHL Company

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Date:  2022-12-05


DHL has employed various concepts of supply chain management and with the help of these concepts, it has succeeded in its daily competition and curbed all the pressure from these rivals. One of the main concepts of supply chain management that has been utilized by DHL for its great performance is the proper setting and planning of strategies [1]. Both the long term and short term strategies of DHL have been set up in such a way that the management and stakeholders' bodies are sure that the outcome is going to be positive and in a secretive manner which its competitors are not able to understand easily. Strategies that are put in place for DHL are well analyzed and planned to ensure that they come into fulfillment before or within the range of the expected time. This helps to avoid the total failure or underperformance of strategies which would pose a threat to the competitive status of the company. With the best strategies put in place, DHL is able to always walk a long distance ahead of the rivals as they strive to match.

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Secondly, DHL remains in a good position for exemplary competition against all the main competitors because of the fact that in its supply chain management, the best structures of and lookouts of their company is set to stand out from the rest of the logistics companies. For example, the company chose a strategic location when it had planned to expand and begin a new hub[5]. The choice of Leipzig was well planned in that the hub location with immediate effect impacted positively on the general operations of the company. Transport facilities were easily available and accessible where the hub was located and this gave DHL a big advantage which the competitors would have taken couples of years to achieve. This is just one among many other benefits that are associated with the location of the DHL hub at Leipzig.


In shipping, logistics and delivery companies that do exist in nearly the entire world, DHL still remains the leading company in terms of the services it offers and the revenue it collects per year while all the other companies lag behind. DHL has earlier received quite a number of awards for its outstanding performance in the delivery and logistics industry and it continues to deliver the best and compete efficiently from year to year out of the powerful strategies that are put in place by its management and stakeholders.


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