Organizational Process Assets: In-House Strategies and External Factors - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-27


Organizational process assets comprise of anything that an enterprise has acquired, which can be used in the administration of the project. These include formal and informal strategies, rules, measures, as well as guidelines. On the other hand, the external environmental factors are internal and external factors surrounding the organization which can influence a project, the organizational process assets ensure continuous performances of the organization and also provide the foundation of the increasing benefits of the enterprise. The administrative progression possessions and the outside environmental factors affect the project in the following ways:

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Corporate process possessions and exterior environmental influences act as the inputs of the project. This means that they can influence success as well as the failure of a project. By being inputs in the project, they are therefore vital (Pinto, 2002). This is because a project should have some contributions. It is from these inputs that there will be some output. Useful information will, therefore, be provided by the OPA and EEA.

There will also be saving time in a situation where new employees are employed. This is as a result of the preserved documents. There will be no much orientation of the employees in the project. The employees will instead have points of reference in the project (Fischer, 2019). Furthermore, at the end of a project, there is a recording of the problems encountered as well as the achievements. The new employees will, therefore, have a point of reference. The external, as well as the internal structure of the organization, also plays a vital role in the project. There has to be harmony in the internal structure, which will, in turn, be seen in the external setup.

There are diverse types of administrative arrangements. These include line administrative arrangement, functional administrative structure, administrative committee structure, divisional administrative structure, project administrative structure, matrix administrative structure, and Hybrid administrative structure. The organizational structures fasten decision making, promotion of creative thinking among the members (Van & Denhardt, 2019. Furthermore, they promote interaction among the members as well as a motivation among themselves. On the other hand, a lot of conflicts are experienced among the members. There is also a high administration cost and also focus much on internal relations and forget about the external connection.


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