Application Letter Example: An Accountant Position in Flour Corporation

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Date:  2021-04-08

I selected these market segments from the Clemson University handout which gives a list of the different finance market segments its graduates are employed in, Chapter seven in the handout. Also, the listed segments are very broad and complex which will provide me with a platform to which I can enhance both my knowledge in the accounting industry from the wide and complex tasks carried out in these segments (Clemson University). This will also give me an opportunity to showcase my academic and professional skills. In these segments, there are very many workers, and it involves traveling different parts of the world to do the various assigned jobs in the different substations all over the country and world giving me an opportunity to work with many different people as I love traveling and will build my team work spirit. Paragraph one Glass door was stating that at Flour Corporation employees do a lot of traveling, this under the market segments fall under working in a finance department in corporations (Glassdoor).

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Target Markets

Clemson University, Masters in Professional Accountancy and CPA Certification

Flour Corporation, Accountant

I chose Clemson University to pursue my masters program since I will be on the right path towards getting a job at my dream workplace Flour Corporation a global corporation, it's among the best universities in specializing accounting, to date, one hundred and eighty accounting programs have been accredited worldwide. Lastly its fifteen minutes away from my home hence travel movements will be very flexible and reduced transport costs. The school of Accountancy and Finance is located in downtown Greenville, South Carolina (Clemson University) My CPA examinations will enhance my knowledge in accounting further and will enable me to be registered as a certified accountant hence I will be able to work in any accounting firm (CPA). Operating in Flour Corporation will allow me to travel from time to time as it allows its employees to travel fulfilling their hobby of travelling. It also promotes equality through its GROW-Growing Representation and Opportunity for Women and the Mentoring Circle Program where young employees learn from senior employees enhancing knowledge of tasks among all employees, (Flour)

I believe I am the best candidate for the masters program offered at Clemson University school of Accountancy and Finance since having undertaken my undergraduate program at USC Upstages Spartanburg Campus, college of business and economics has enabled me to be a highly qualified individual. According to one of the college professors, the college ensures quality across the curriculum and to ensure the highest standards are consistently met. The courses offered are of high quality which continually evolves in tandem with the region that provides relevant programs and resources that meet educational demands and requirements for starting a new career.

I believe I would be an excellent candidate for a position at Flour Corporation from my eight years working experience at Jersey Mikes Restraints as an office manager and bookkeeper for eighteen franchises,(Jersey).Here I gained skills on good interaction with different individuals and how to build good relations with others. My interaction with various customers and employees enabled me to create a vast network of friends; this allowed me to gain knowledge of fields that not necessarily related to my field. I also gained comprehensive accounting skills which give me an edge against other candidates as I would not need a lot of training on accounting procedures.

I gained skills in management that is how to run an office, how to completely start up a corporation; market it, run and how to operate it. I intend to do the CPA examinations so as to become a certified public accountant and very efficient in all the accounting fields (NASBA). My hobby of traveling gives me an added advantage which makes me flexible and quick in adapting to different environments and Flour Corporation being global has different sub-stations I will be ready for any traveling (Glassdoor). I am a hard worker who strives to meet deadlines and very proficient in Peachtree and quick books accounting software, lastly am very ethical in all my activities.

I have some shortfalls which are currently working on improving on them. First am not very proficient in English which I want to overcome by studying more English literature, distractions from social media which I want to overcome by not engaging in many social networks, I easily get bored by one task hence to avoid this I want to try and be more focused on a particular task at hand. I tend to try to please everyone but to overcome this I have decided on doing only what is in my ability and to avoid thinking too much outside the box.

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