My Talent and How It Has Contributed to the Person That I Am

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Date:  2021-04-22

While studying at I was able to interact and learn a lot with the help of my parents, teachers and fellow students. I was born a natural leader; but my parents and the people that I was privileged to grow around polished that talent of leadership. I have been in several situations where a lot of people would react without hesitation and would have made the situation worse. I am a calm person who aims to understand every persons perspective. My ability to listen more and talk less has contributed much to my talent of leadership. I have been selected in different co-curriculum activities such as my baseball team as the captain. I believe that the coach saw some leadership qualities in me and decided to give me the role. My talent of leadership has also been evident in our family the way I handle my siblings and my parents. My talent of leadership has made me develop as a person and academically. Through the talent, I know my priorities, and I never compromise on what is more important. I put my studies first but at the same time, I put aside time to have fun and socialize with my family members and friends both at home and in school. I have received compliments from strangers and people who know me about my talent and how I manage it at a tender age. My talent of leadership makes me proud because it separates me from my peers.

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Most of my peers lack this talent but have other talents too. I feel that I am a better person with the talent of leadership because it makes me empathize and try to make the lives of the people around me better and much easier. I am also proud of my talent because it is associated with great people from spiritual leaders and world leaders. It makes me feel like I can have an important role to play in the lives of many people as I grow older. Through my talent, I am now able to take on leadership without fear. I am now a more confident person; this is evident since I can address a lot of people without feeling shy, embarrassed or under pressure. My leadership talent has made me more conscious of what is happening around me in the community that I live in. Through my concern, I have always been wanted to fight anything that might harm the people I live with. For this reason, I have made several attempts to ensure that the occupants in my area learn how to save water, and I am currently working on a project that can hopefully teach the people how to recycle water. I believe that it is through my talent that I have been able to associate well with my teammates who find me charming and approachable. I learnt that when we travelled to several baseball games, many of my teammates were comfortable with me. If I as any different am sure that they would have found it difficult to approach me and talk to me. I have accomplished a lot through my talent of leadership, and I believe that I am in the right course to achieve much more because of my talent.

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