My Interest in Master of Education at Minot State University Essay

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  488 Words
Date:  2022-06-22

The beginning of my strong interest in Master of Education at Minot State University, an interest which has now transformed into an ambition to pursue a professional career happened during a time when I was studying my undergraduate degree in Japan. My primary motivation has always been to study Master of Education in Science in a reputable institution such as Minot State University. My desire to pursue education is derived from my initiative to help the welfare of the people in my community acquire education as a basic need in the 21st century. Since 2016 when I finished my bachelor's degree in Major Advertising, I decided to choose to teach as my desired career. I have had experience teaching students aged 14-15 who had little interest in learning English since I come from a Japanese society where English is a problem. I was able to relate with students to assist them to develop an interest in English as an international language embraced across different borders.

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Professional in teaching is a growing and exciting field. With the help of a master's degree in Education, I intend to acquire ardent and apt skills in a field that is dynamic, practical and diverse. By specializing in it, my focus is geared towards helping to serve students at the local, national and global job market. Furthermore, the field is a rewarding professional career which offers personal fulfillment while at the same time improving education standards in my community. Despite taking part in other professional fields in my life such as working as a restaurant attendant for a number of restaurants and a web designer in Tokyo area, I finally had the approval to undertake Education as my major field of study.

Minot State University offers one of the richest environment to study education thanks to the latest research facilities available. Acquiring a degree from Minot State University is a priority since its Education program fits my exact goals in my personal career. I also honor the degree as a tool that will assist me to make a change in the larger community. As such, pursuing the degree is a big step for a successful career in teaching. Through my practice as a teaching instructor in Risoh Kyouiko Company and Asunaro Top Seminar, working as a teaching assistant revealed how literacy and education are important especially among young students who are unwilling to study. Regardless of other professions, I have worked in such as position in restaurant services, web designer, and cashier, my goal is to mentor and nurture young minds by teaching most quality education as possible.


I, therefore, plan to take up a Master's Degree in Education at Minot State University and based on its strategic and institutional reputation, professional opportunities, and well-designed curriculum, I think Minot State University is the best choice for me. It would be a great honor to be admitted and be part of this reputable institution.

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