My Core Beliefs About Work

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Date:  2022-03-26

Having secured my dream job recently, I have been thinking a lot about the kind of employee I would love to be. Also, I have been thinking about the kind of work environment I would like to establish around me. To be honest, the thought of working for such as a big organization in a position that promises tremendous financial and professional fulfillment is quite intimidating, to say the least. However, as I look retrospectively at my past experiences ranging from my upbringing to my educational training, I find that there are core beliefs that have informed my progress and which I believe will contribute significantly to my growth in my current capacity.

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I believe strongly in responsibility. Since my childhood and with the help of my loving and ever-supportive parents, I have come to instill a sense of responsibility in my endeavors. I remember vividly growing up in our home, and my father persistently impressed upon me that human beings must be responsible for their actions and their decisions. Moreover, he maintained that positive change could only occur if people take deliberate steps to improve their conditions.

This attitude has never let me down. In fact, I remember I started practicing to take responsibility for the cleanliness of our residential area when I joined high school. I could sweep the parking areas and front open spaces of our home and those of the neighbors. I continued with this voluntary community service for a significant period and was greatly motivated by the intermittent tokens of appreciation I receive from our neighbors and my dad. The experience taught me a vital lesson that has stuck with me to date: taking responsibility has inherent rewards.

Though I received helpful advice from my parents, I was solely responsible for the choice of career that I wanted to pursue. Having developed a passion for arithmetic from I an early age, I decided to pursue accounting as a profession. I am continually fascinated by accounting concepts and how the various pieces of the accounting puzzle come together. I have learned from my earlier experience offering community cleaning services that passion and commitment ultimately attract some monetary reward. Besides, the reward is accompanied by a priceless feeling of internal fulfillment.

The professional environment can become tough and demand a lot from me, but I am confident I have cultivated the right attitude to navigate through the challenges. My passion for accounting coupled with the belief that I am responsible for my life's outcomes has helped me to focus on my professional goals. I am convinced that the mentality that I have places me in a strong position to succeed in my new assignment.

At the very core, I am motivated by a deep desire for personal development. I have an inward drive to be better every day. This has informed my progression in academics and professional life. Besides, my profession demands that I make a continuous effort to learn new concepts so I can remain competitive and productive in the workplace.

I will not argue that the belief mentioned here has been the only factor responsible for the milestones I have reached. On the contrary, it is my testimony that there have been other vital principles that have guided my academic, social and professional life. I mention responsibility only because it is the foundation upon which all my other virtues rest.

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