My Academic Journey to a Teaching Career in Quranic Science and History - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-20


The teaching opportunities and working with students and building new materials and techniques relating to education are my essential explanations behind looking for an academic profession in teaching. My foundation in academics, experiences in teaching, and teaching career in the field of Quranic science and history is practical that I am well-prepared to teach most of the introductory and advanced courses in Quranic science and history. In the past decade, I have committed a lot of my time to teach and establishing educational and courses materials. Consequently, I have gained in-depth knowledge and extensive experience at both graduate and undergraduate level as an educator, teaching assistant, and head teaching assistant for several courses in South Africa as well as in Darwin Australia.

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Teaching experience: as mentioned above, I have had the privilege of teaching in the field of Quranic science and history in South Africa, and currently I work as teachers' aid in Minaret College, Australia. Both these opportunities of assistantships gave me a chance to teach students in some classes in addition to playing an active role and responsibility in organizing and grading exams and assignments. The following includes some of the observations I made as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the field of Quranic science and history:

  • During teaching, students in a class are more open-minded and receptive when movies or pictures are utilized. For example, Khawatir, an Islamic reality film, can help students in understanding in-depth the explained Quranic faith practically among young people.
  • Taking students to field trips, in this case, museums to learn past events for advance learning. This stimulates some class discussions among students expressing attentiveness to learning more.
  • Lastly, I learned that in teaching, students feel more drawn with the course if later the theoretical part of the field/history topic is made clear practically through the recent popular literature.

Also, in my working hours, I got the opportunity of interacting with students and obtain their responses concerning various topics. For instance, I realize surprisingly that students more than I expected peruse through available teaching slides before class, thus with the experience I can exercise it practically when teaching courses. Also, when comparing coarse evaluation and every question detailed marking scheme during exams, students prefer detailed marking scheme more. In out-class interaction, one can discover man useful information that can be implemented to improve and ease the students learning process. I was also included in mentoring students' programs within the school. With all the above valuable experiences, I am hopeful that I can implement it practically when teaching courses.

Teaching Philosophy: The field of Quranic and history is more of a theoretical field hence requires more practical educational materials and techniques to improve the teaching-learning process. Based on my teaching experience above and various responses from students I believe for effective teaching, students must be involved in the course hands-on experience instead of only the theoretical part. Besides, I would like to conduct field trip or invite guest lectures whenever possible, keep courses flexible, assess students progressively, create discussion sessions on open-ended questions/topics and finally not penalize students who instead of doing results-oriented work, do more of analytical work.

For both undergraduate and graduate level, I am more interested in teaching core and advanced courses in the field of Quranic science and history. I am interested also in creating new educational materials and teaching conventional and relatable courses to Qur'anic faith like Philosophy.

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