Psychology Article Summary Preschool Children's Phonological Awareness

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Date:  2022-12-04

The phonological awareness among children develops at a fast rate during their preschooling phase which helps in the latter stages when they start reading. The article sample parents for an observation on the role they play in the phonological awareness development of their children. The children participating in this observational study were assessed on literacy, phonological awareness, as well as their linguistic ability. The findings of the article indicate that the parents who used plenty of sound talk in this study had their children develop more phonological awareness where sociodemographic and language skill elements were held constant (Reese et al., 2015). The findings of the study have the impact of triggering the designing of interventions that would help the parents to nurture the phonological awareness of their children. It goes without saying that parents are integral to the development of the phonological awareness of their children.

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This study was conducted in a practical set up with a participating team of 27 parents who were accompanied by their three- or four-year-old children. This is testament to the fact that the results obtained from the observation can successfully be applied in a practical clinical set up. The study can successfully be replicated with the same findings being the most likely outcome as long as the research conditions are maintained. These conditions include controlling for variable factors like sociodemographic factors and language skills in the children. The quartet of research authors have provide a clear methodological approach that they used in this observational study. The sample population that can be used in clinical practice may be similar or different from the number of 27 parents used in this study together with their children.

The results indicate that parents are instrumental in the overall development of their children's phonological awareness. It is through their use of sound talk that the children are able to grasp phonology at the preschool stage of their development. The results can be applied in a real-world clinical practice in which the administration or management of the clinic encourage the parents to apply the use of sound talk with their children. This will have a long-term effect of ensuring that the 3- or 4-year-old children rapidly catch up with the development of their phonological awareness. It is there, with this information background, possible for a clinical practice to incorporate the results that come from the findings of the study. The practical application of these results is expected to conform to the study findings where the children are expected to have a rapid development in their phonological awareness.


The article is unequivocal in its support of the significance of the synergistic relationship between research and practice. This is because whatever is studied or has been researched theoretically has some findings that influence its results. It is these results that are transferred from their theoretical form to their practical element in which they are applied in the real world situations. The article's support for the synergistic relationship between the theoretical research and practical application can be seen in the authors' assertions that the results of this particular study will help in designing possible interventions with parents to foster the development of their children's phonological awareness. This confirms the study's support for the integration of its findings into various clinical set ups with the objective of helping the children to develop awareness in phonology.


Reese, E. et al. (2015). Does the brown banana have a beak? Preschool children's phonological awareness as a function of parents' talk about speech sounds. First Language, Vol. 35, Issue 1, Vol. 54-67. doi: 10.1177/0142723714566336

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