Locavore Movement Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Locavore refers to people who have decided to eat locally produced food or grown food. These people have tried to practice this as much as they can. The reason behind preferring locally produced or grown food is based on the sustainability and nutrition which includes the environment preservation through utilization of the resources. The locavore movement is popularly known to have become widespread over the past several years. Thus this paper seeks to give a clear analysis of the locavore movement.

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The American tastes have considerably shifted due to the rise of the farmer's markets which has taken place in the rural squares, city centers and also the college towns. This, in particular, has created a dramatic shift. All the consumers seem to prefer fresh flavors especially the locally produced foods that are forgotten directly from the farms instead of the foods that are stored in the supermarkets which might have come from the faraway lands. They do not prefer the food that is stored in fridges any more. The locavore movement is made up of people who are ordinary who have become well engaged in eating locally produced food, and they care much about the source of the food they are consuming (Curtis, Kynda and Susan 101-118). The locavore movement is reshaping the business in a gradual manner that involves growing and supplying Americans with food. This local movement has managed to accomplish something unique which seemed to impossible in the past few years. This movement has brought revival to the small farms which were declined for a more extended period. These various crops are mostly grown by organic farmers who have specialized on a small scale. The small scale farmers in this context will manage to get 75% of their costs that may include the organic certification, and they are capable of obtaining the crop insurance. Money has been set aside for research and promotion of the markets of the food produced by the farmers. This has greatly expanded the consumer's access to the demands of the organic produce and farmers too.

Various benefits are related to eating locally produced food. When people locally produced food there is increased local economy. According to the multiple studies carried out in London when a dollar is spent locally, it seems to generates double based on the local economy income (Hempel, Corinna and Ulrich 309-318). The business that is owned locally tends to retain the money. Locally grown food is very fresh compared to all the products that are purchased in the supermarkets. The local cuisine is picked within 24 hours, and hence it is spotless. Local food tastes better too.


Locavore movement works towards promoting the locally produced food and try to reduce the reliance on food that is shipped from away faraway lands. Modern food seems to be associated with various problems. Shipping of the food has increased cost due to fuel prices and hence locally produced food requires just cheap labor (Purcell, Mark and Shannon 62-81). The small farms have ended up increasing due to increased demand on the local cuisine by the consumers. The locavore movement has the impact, and all the factories in Washington greatly salute it. A bill was passed for growing cotton, corns and soybeans and billions of money were set to cater for this. Billions of cash were also set aside specifically for growing crops such as strawberries, eggplants, and salad greens.

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