Best Laptop Infomercial - Speech Example

Paper Type:  Speech
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Date:  2022-11-08


The method of informing that I am using in this infomercial is description, narration, comparing and contrasting as well as demonstration. The audience I am addressing is the majority of university students, some high school students and a few experts and professors in technological matters.

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"Professors, doctors, ladies and gentlemen allow me to say good afternoon since from my laptop I can see it is exactly two minutes past noon." As I look around, I can detect so many people ready to eager to quench their thirst regarding the latest laptop technology. The time has come, and this is the hour thus get set and let's keep company.

'Having checked in the registration list, I have noted that within us are individuals with different levels of understanding about laptops. For the experts in laptops products as well as the less experienced with laptop products like the high school students present; I assure you that you will get to learn something unique and important'.

Currently, to access laptop technology, it is not just to buy a laptop but to possess the new and latest MacBook Pro iteration device which is now at a very affordable price of $2,399 from $3,400. Unlike the other laptop models, the new MacBook laptop has 555X GPU Radeon Pro, GHz of 2.2, DDR4 memory of 16GB and the CPU is Intel Core i7.

If one needs new technological advancement, then the latest MacBook laptop is not an option to consider but the only choice. Not only is the computer of a very lightweight but also the storage space is big enough to accommodate a large quantity of data. These, therefore, makes the machine suitable for students, researchers and those who like playing games during their leisure time.

As seen from the running projections, the uniqueness of the latest MacBook can never be attained by any other model of laptop currently. The new device comes in forms of various attractive models which have different colors. Hence, it becomes easier for clients to have the design model and color if their choice.

Notably, the current keyboard of the MacBook has been improved, and the monitor can give a more sharp display than ever before. Additionally, the machine is working at a very high speed that is noncomparable to that of any other device that we have ever tested previously. Moreover, the life of the current device battery is longer than those of first devices, and sound production is also compelling.

While listening to the news this morning, I learned that different regions of the world are experiencing great technological advancement and as presented smart working will soon become the trend worldwide. It, therefore, caught my attention that anyone who wishes to make this world a better place for the living will need to fully embrace and support technology advancements in whatever way they can. Thus, there is no exception for anyone to be left behind while the new MacBook laptop has come in at the right time to support the passion of all interested individuals.

Ever in history, the MacBook Pro which is 15 inches is the laptop that has been regarded to be so powerful, and as a result, it is worth the creativity credit. Due to how it is so powerful, the new MacBook is considered as a two-in-one laptop thus seen as the best device currently. There is no need to utilize what will need additional support while there is a simplified device with all that can be required.


There is a lot to talk about the new MacBook Pro device, let me conclude by saying that for the advancement of humanity about technology the laptop is all which everyone need. The machine has good storage capacity, sharp screen, and high speed. It is also light, affordable and is available anywhere. I wish to thank all of you for your commitment, time and desire to learn more about the latest laptops technology.........thank you once again and may the new MacBook serve your technological advancement quest.


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