Movie Review Example: Lean on Me

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Date:  2021-06-22

Frame Chart

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Use the following chart in Bolman and Deal (page 424), or any chart you would like to devise, as an aid for your data collection

Title of Film

Frame What's Going On? What Options Are Available?

Structural Autocratic Dictatorship

Poor leadership structure

Enforcing one owns reign

Proper counseling and guidance to be instilled in the students who are abusing drugs and who are indiscipline.

The new plan should be put in place and to replace the old autocratic type of government.

Human Resource

Disobedience to employees

Employees need motivation

Autocratic leadership

Lack of motivation

Personality control

Proper motivation ensures that every teacher is focused on instilling discipline and focusing on the general school performance.


East high school to remain under local control and not be taken by the government.

Drug and crime control

The mother of one of the expelled student presses the mayor in ousting the Clark

Symbolic Pre-planned choral events

Doors of the school chained closed during school hours

Learn the school's songs Mrs. Elliot, a choir teacher who was fired by Clark for not for not being insubordinate after the cancellation of pre-planned choral events.

Lean on me shares the experience of Joe Clark, who becomes the destitute New Jersey high school principal plagued with drugs, abysmal academic performance, and violence. Clark is working tiresomely with the pressing task given to him to bring the test scores of the students to the minimum acceptable level within one school, or else the state will take over. This makes him more demanding and strict towards both teachers and students. Hence he is facing a lot of resistance and a pillar of hope to many students (Kristyn ).

In the film, an organization is performing in a manner in which Clark makes the overall decision when it terms to dictating on what is supposed to happen, he expels the trouble makers, enforces his reign of terror, orders all thing to be done according to his directions, demands unquestionable obedience. There is an experience of dictatorship, where the institution is viewed to have no rule to deal with organizational leadership and what Clark performs is final.

Some of the challenges that posed road block to success were the deeply troubled, the first action was taken by Clark was to gather all the troublemakers and the druggies and expel the student from school. Ideally, school is a place to groom one by changing individuals bad behaviors, expelling the bad students away was a significant roadblock to success and imposed much damage to the society. Additionally, demanding instant answers, bullying, unquestioning obedience and arrogance were the major setbacks that bring frustration and no motivation.

Personality has a great impact when it comes performance motivation, Clark being the head, refused to undergo personality change to grow up, soften and start learning to respect other individuals rights. Good personality motivates the students, teachers and the subordinate staffs, not doing so only instill fear. State as external force plays a greater role in determining and providing guidance on how a rule governing a society is to be taken into consideration. The state, in this case, has a great impact on Clark, on whether he is putting the best actions when it comes to dealing with students and employees.

The solution that should be adopted in the Eastside High school is to ensure a clean up on how the students discipline and ensuring that everybody including the student and the teachers is respected and motivated to perform. Performance is typically achieved when individuals in the organization realize their value. The students are stubborn students supposed to be exposed to counseling and proper guiding rather than being expelled from school. The next head of management should make sure that teachers are motivated, listen to and respect, so as to ensure that the organization experiences good performance. On the other hand, dictatorship drives fear into employees, and its a severe form of leadership. Clark should undergo a personality change so as to accommodate all type of individuals and students who were expelled should be brought back through a better method of guidance and counseling. Lastly, Clark is supposed to listen to apologize to the teachers and the students who experienced one of the arrogant and worse treatments from him.

Work cited

Bolman, G., L., Deal, E., T. Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership (5th Edition). [MBS Direct]. 2013. Retrieved from Malley. Watch Lean on Me Online Watch Movies Online Free. N.p., 2017. Film.

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