Movie Analysis Essay on "Mr. Polk's War"

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Date:  2022-12-10

Mexican American War

The documentary on the disputable clash, otherwise called "Mr. Polk's War," by the two sides, investigates causes of the wars, how it was fought, and the reason it culminated in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexican and American historians unwind the many clashing anecdotes about the battle, which features figures such as Ulysses S. Concede, Zachary Taylor, and Robert E. Lee. When immigration reforms keep on being a standout amongst the most heated themes in business and political circles, this narrative reevaluates the dubious nineteenth-century war that brought the United States into the helm of power between the two nations, assuming responsibility for what was almost 50% of Mexico's territory. Including lavish reenactments and meetings with both Mexican and American history specialists to guarantee accuracy from the two countries' perspectives, the documentary recounts the narrative of President James K. Polk's craving to extend U.S. domain to the Pacific Ocean. Facilitated by Oscar de la Hoya, Mexican-American boxing legend, the documentary visits Mexico City to interview the residents and key informants of Castillo de Chapultepec, where the clash of the Mexican-American War occurred, and the Palacio Nacional, the home of Mexico's legislature.

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Starting as a border dispute, the conflict escalated into 16-month strife that changed a continent. The widely praised documentary series investigates the occasions encompassing the contention between two neighboring countries battling for land, power, and character. In the war, Mexico lost practically 50% of its national region - the present Southwest between Texas and California - to the United States. In spite of the war continuing for two years, its consequences were transformed boundaries for these neighboring nations and the shift of power balance, shaping the destinies of the two warring countries. This program is the first to talk about the two sides of the contention, exhibiting a historical panorama loaded up with remarkable characters, for example, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the Mexican President, Winfield Scott, and General Zachary Taylor.

A month prior the culmination of the conflict, Polk has condemned in a United States House of Representatives correction to a bill applauding Major General Zachary Taylor for a struggle superfluously and illegally initiated by the President of the United States. The analysis, in which Congressman Abraham Lincoln assumed a vital role with his Spot Resolutions, pursued the congressional examination of the war's causes, as well as factual real difficulties to claims made by President Polk. The vote pursued partisan principals, with all Whigs supporting the change. Lincoln's assault won support from individual Whigs in Illinois although was cruelly counter-assaulted by Democrats. Lincoln's Spot goals frequented his future crusades in the intensely Democratic territory of Illinois and were referred to by foes very much into his presidency.

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