Article Analysis Essay on Effective Implementation of Public Health Campaign Programs

Paper Type:  Article review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  577 Words
Date:  2022-06-30


After reading the article, I was able to pinpoint key aspects necessary for effective implementation of public health campaign programs. One of these issues is robust mass media campaigns. Even though the author highlighted various types of mass media that can be employed in public health campaign, he or she did not outline what he or she thinks is the best strategy for effective spread of health messages. Also, there was no discussion of the challenges that can be encountered during the implementation process as well as how such problems could be addressed.

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Support of an Opinion

I am of the same opinion with the author that strong cross-cultural relationship in a multi-cultural environment is necessary for the accomplishment of program's objectives and goals. However, it would have been useful if the author explained how public health messages could be customized to different cultural groups. This is because cultural relevance and sensitivity are necessary if health messages are to reach people from diverse cultures. Culturally relevant messages can be created through audience segmentation, the process of sub-dividing large heterogeneous populations into smaller homogenous subgroups (Kazmi & Batra, 2009; Kreuter & McClure, 2004).

Validation of an Idea with My Experience

I agree with the author that the promotion of good physical health can be achieved through environmental policies, such as enhanced spaces for physical activity. Having lived in two neighbourhoods, a densely populated one with limited open spaces and a sparsely populated one with many such areas, I support the author's idea of open spaces. In the densely populated neighborhood, children could hardly find a field to play. Consequently, there were many cases of childhood obesity. On the contrary, my current residential area had enough grounds for children's play, and the sight of overweight children is a rare phenomenon.


I suggest that the author should explain how various challenges affect the success of a program. Also, there should be a discussion on ways of addressing the barriers. Barriers are part of the program implementation process. Therefore, the identification of these barriers is necessary for successful implementation of any public health campaign.

Expanding on Colleague's Posting

I agree with the author that mass media are useful in informing the target audience about the need for positive behavioral changes. For instance, through mass media, the target audience can be told why smoking is harmful to the health. Negative appeals, such as the use of threat and fear health messages (Becheur & Valette-Florence, 2014; Carey, 2016) persuade and motivate the target audience to change their current unhealthy behaviours. These messages can be spread through television ads, radio ads, and social media (O'Guinn, Allen, Scheinbaum, & Semenik, 2018). A probing question related to the author's posting is: What are the ways of monitoring the program?


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