Compare and Contrast Essay on Achilles and Hector

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Date:  2022-10-29

Typically, most Greek gods were involved in different fights during their regime. However, there was no fight like the fight between the Achilles versus Hector. The dispute involved two prominent houses of Greece and Troy referred to as Achilles and Hector respectively. The two are famous because they were distinguished warriors within their community. However, they were both killed by the same individual in battle. The two sides are also distinct since they fought on opposite sides during the Trojan War. The Achilles fought to ensure that they killed all the Trojans while Hector fought to ensure that there was a peaceful co-existence between the two nations. Additionally, Hector was a prince while Achilles was not a prince from the community that he hailed from.

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Additionally, Achilles and Hector were similar in the sense that they were both warriors during the Trojan War. They both led their respective troops into battle and portrayed great leadership and fighting skills. Both leaders had a duel during the Trojan War which lasted for hours since they were both very skilled in war. The fight lasted so long that they had to call it a draw. However, they exchanged various gifts as a sign of respect and appreciation for each other.

However, both warriors were killed by Ajax who was a Greek warrior. The deaths occurred at different times during the war with the Greek warrior. Achilles was killed As a result of Hector's deal with Ajax to kill him. Ajax managed to shoot Achilles in the heel making his weak and thereby killing him on the spot. However, Hector failed to meet his end of the bargain after Ajax killed Achilles and therefore Ajax had to kill him.

At the same time, the two warriors had their distinctions. Hector was born and raised by a royal family while Achilles was from a poor background. Achilles fought for the glory of Greece while Hector was fighting for Troy. Hector was nurtured and raised to be the next king of Troy land while Achilles was raised to be a prominent warrior in Greece. During his regime, Achilles was asked to be the king of Greece but declined the offer because he considered that to be too much for a pure Greek warrior.

In addition to that, Achilles fought for death during most battles while Hector fought for peace. Achilles wanted to ensure that they defeat Troy so that it can be part of the Greece Empire. This was not acceptable to Hector who was the prince from Troy. Therefore, Hector campaigned to ensure that Greece was out of Troy and tried to champion for peace and prosperity between the two nations.

Lastly, Hector and Achilles have many differences and similarities. The two are similar in the sense that they were both great leaders in their respective communities. However, they were both killed by the same person in mischievous ways. The two were also rivals and fought for different camps during the Trojan war. Achilles wanted to kill all the Trojans so that Greece can take the city as its territory while Hector was fighting for a peaceful co-existence between the two sides. Hector, was also a prince born from a royal family while Achilles was just a simple warrior. However, both individuals showed great leadership and fighting skills that helped their communities to fight their enemies.

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