Mental Disease on the Rise: Investigating Reasons and Developing Prevention Measures - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-09


The research aims to investigate the reasons that contribute to a high increase in mental disease among the people in society. The research endeavors develop measures to minimize the rate of a steep rise in different types of mental disorders (Jorm,2000). The research is qualitative, and it focuses on the historical mental changes in the increase in various psychological problems in the general population. The study aims to establish the factors that contribute to the rise in psychiatric disease and why mental illness is significantly increasing.

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Background of the Problem

An increase in psychological disease is contributing to a continuous general decrease in the life expectancy of the individuals in the community. It also has slowed down the effectiveness of the individual performance in their daily work (Monie,1963). Mental illness consistently lowers an individual's income. The financial costs sometimes spent on taking care of the mentally ill individuals are continually putting some families at high risk of poverty (Davis,1997). Some family members in the communities are experiencing chronical stress because of the physical and emotional challenges they go through in taking care of the psychologically challenged people (Karp,1981). Therefore, there is a significant need to find a solution for minimizing all psychological diseases. Finding the causes and types of the mental disorders is the society is essential as it allows the psychiatrists in evaluating the distribution of the different kinds of the psychiatric diseases and coming up with the necessary method of treatment to those disorders

Theoretical Foundation

The research is based on why there is a high general increase in mental disorder in the population and what causes the increase in this medical illness. The objective of the research is to determine the likely causative agents of the diseases and how they facilitate the growth in psychological problems (Cummings,1989). The study focuses on investigating the group of individuals who will represent the whole population in giving their views in the likely causative agents.

Literature Review

The research focuses on evaluating there is a current general increase in the cases of psychological disease compared to the previous period (Brasure,1983). The aim is to determine the causes of the difference increase in the disorder and tries to come up with measures to regulate the causative agents and minimize the impact that comes as a result of the mental illness (Langan,2010). There is a factor that needs to be evaluated on the current situation; for instance, how a person's stress can result in psychological problems.

Research Question

Does the research aim to establish how emotions create mental disorder? It also seeks to find out whether psychological trauma suffered by some persons at their early age have a connection in the increase in mental also aims at determining how a person's stress can result in a psychological problem?


The research is a qualitative study that aims to engage a small group of individuals to respond to some structured questionnaires on the factors that are likely to result from increases in mental disorders (Begley,2004). The questions are set in such a way the respondents will give their views on the types or the diseases that affect them most, and the main causative agents (Rubinstein,1995). The researchers then will collect opinions of the respondents and aggregate them to come up with a report that will aid the psychiatrist's doctors in coming up with the necessary prevention mechanisms for the various mental disorders (Davidson,2002). The methods employed in establishing the possible causes of the diseases at answering questions such as how the stress and other personal emotions affects can result in psychological problems.


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