Psychiatric Disorders: Reflection Questions

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Date:  2021-06-25

My friends and family members sometimes are exposed to wide variety of stressing factors and some of them at times tend to succumb to mental illness due to these factors. However, before this happens, there are some signs and symptoms that we often observe they include: the victim loses appetite and starts to have restlessness, sleep disturbances, feelings of over arousal and most importantly he begins to exhibit pervasive feelings of anxiety and apprehension. It is also important to note that during this period we also see flawed thinking where he has exaggerated beliefs about personal powers, and he exhibits unusual behavior.

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A person starts to lose control over himself when he starts experiencing these symptoms. In fact, at this point, he begins to think that worst is going to happen to him anytime, so he starts developing a habit of being insecure. At times the person will start developing phobias or even behaving in a socially awkward manner and cause embarrassment to the rest of the family members. And when these signs grow to become severe symptoms, cases of severe morbidity is observed in the person.

Frankly, these experiences scare me a lot. Dealing with persons with symptoms of mental illness is very hard and often requires professionalism to learn the psychology of the victim. I often feel embarrassed when my family member starts to engage in some socially awkward activities especially in social places such as public places or streets. It is tough to stop them from doing sticky stuff, and the person will always attract a lot of attention from nearly everybody in the place. When this kind of situation has happened, there is nothing I can do but just remain helpless until the attention starts to surge away.

I came to realize that people living with mental illness tend to live sedentary lifestyles. Moreover, they have altered levels of sensory perception whereby they respond differently to the environment around them. Some of the clients may respond well to a calm and quiet environment while others may respond better to a more dynamic and exciting environment. Also, I came to realize that working with mentally ill clients may be a stressful situation since their behavior can be very challenging to handle. Therefore I had to adjust and ensure that I am focused, calm and able to cope with unexpected and difficult events.

Various types of events can cause mental illness these include domestic violence, war experiences, natural disasters or even traumatic medical events. However, it is imperative to know that some clients are often underdiagnosed for mental illness. Sometimes we fail to realize that exposure alone to a traumatic event may not be sufficient to trigger mental illness. I have had some patients who were underdiagnosed, and I could see from their attitudes that they were extremely scared and helpless of their situation. Moreover, they would feel like they are going to be insane or even die. To make it worst, they lost hope on medical therapies, and they could not just do anything since they were terrified with the conditions they were facing. They could no longer set their goals in life since most of them had lost inspiration and even worst fear of being stigmatized started to enter them.

I believe the government should ensure that there are affordable and easily accessible medical centers to provide care for clients who have mental disorders. Through this facilities, the patients will receive adequate care and treatment and until then can they be integrated into our communities without significant incidences occurring. It is simple when more people are treated the integration will be very easy. There are several programs to support the mentally ill patients this include introductions of walking programs and provision of good treatment options. Walking programs will provide mild exercises which will consequently improve the mood symptoms of people with mental disorders. Good treatment options will ensure that there is a proper diagnosis of clients and quality medical treatment for them.

My profession will be involved in caring for people with psychiatric problems; this is because every health care discipline has a role to play in providing care for patients who have a mental illness. For instance, when evaluating and treating clients with medical symptoms, it will be crucial to be aware of the possibility of mental illness. To improve my professionalism, I will need extensive information on psychiatric disorders, how they happen and what are the possible solutions to these problems. This information can be found on the journals written by the prominent researchers or perhaps I can carry out the research and tabulate my findings.

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