Essay Example on Sons and Daughters: Comparing Family Roles, Body Structures & Rewards

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Date:  2023-09-19

There are many things we can compare and contract from the son and daughter. Sons and daughters are all human beings with different family roles, different body structures, and rewarded differently from their desirable behaviors in society. The essay will focus on the three main areas that are the family roles, body structure, and how both are rewarded from their desirable behaviors, for example, excellent performance from school of completing assigned tasks by the parent.

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Both sons and daughters have the family roles that they play while at home, for example, cooking, washing the utensils, looking after pets, looking after the young siblings, cleaning the house and feeding the animals. In the recent century, the roles are much confused that you cannot tell the difference between the roles of the sons and the daughters. Daughter's primary roles while at home are to take care of the young siblings, prepare meals for the family members, and wash utensils. While sons look after the pets, clean the houses, feed the animals and to help the father prepare animals feeds and store them for future use.

Sons, because of their masculinity, tend to do the stricter task compared to the daughters who only do the lighter tasks. However, at some point, they do the same tasks and help each other in the house to complete their task. For example, both may be assigned to washcloths or go and weed the kitchen garden together.

Sons and daughters have the same and different body structures that perform different and same functions. For example, both the son and the daughter use their legs to walk and maybe to play football. Daughter has breasts that they will use to feed their children when they give birth, something that sons cannot do. By having different body structures, daughters can undergo their menstrual periods every month because they have different hormones from their male counterparts. Daughters and sons develop differently as they approach their adolescent stage; what happens in sons during the adolescent stage is different from what happens in daughters during their adolescent stage. For example, daughters develop breasts and hips, which is a different case in sons where they develop deep voices and masculinity. Both develop pubic hair and an increase in both body size and weight.

Both sons and daughters are rewarded for good behaviors they display at school or home. At school, the reward might be the same for both the sons and the daughters. For excellent academic performance in school, both the son and the daughter are rewarded the same. For example, the teacher might put a target score on the subject, and any student who achieves the score will go the school trip. At this point, there is no specification for sons and daughters, but anybody who will achieve the scores will go for the school trip. At home, rewarding is different when a son displays a desirable behavior; then, he will be rewarded differently from the daughter. For example, when the daughter completes her tasks in time, then she can be told to go and play and have fun with other children or go out with the mother. When the son completes his task in time, then he can be told to go and have some ride or go out with the father.


At home, rewarding is much different because every person will be rewarded with what can please them most. Son will be rewarded with what can please him most, likewise the daughter. Although both sons and daughters are all human beings, but some aspects make them different in society and biologically.

Work Cited

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