MBA Admission Letter

Paper Type:  Admission essay
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Date:  2022-06-04


My motivation in my career as a business administrator is to offer client focused and result driven financial services. I believe this is imperative in advancing my career and equipping myself with the necessary professional skills. There are two reasons why I want to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Hult University (RBS). First of this is to develop new knowledge and reassert my existing skills in people and Asset Management. The second reason is to cultivate my long-driven passion for the field of business. These will enable me to enhance my accuracy and my ability to handle diverse issues in my career. The MBA program at Hult prepares students for real-life experiences and situations which fits perfectly to my needs as a working professional.

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At this stage of my career, I would like to improve my analytical thinking skills, entrepreneurial skills, risk mitigation skills and all other relevant professional skills. My current role at New York City Comptroller's Office goes beyond investment issues. It allows me to able to manage a cross-functional team on a key project for technology and product improvement. In this role, I have partnered with key shareholders in the sectors of product supply and finance so that I can possess a comprehensible portfolio. Through these interactions from my various employment, I have developed both leadership and strategic thinking skills, diligence, and leadership and team building skills. Within my various roles, I have led multiple Investment projects to ensure successful project delivery and created solutions with a limited amount of resources. Similarly, my roles as a client representative at HSBC bank in New York and also as a sales analyst at the Sovereign bank have had a significant positive impact on my overall career development. Together, all these work experiences coupled with a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Hult University will greatly define my future development in the career.

The knowledge gained from an MBA degree at Hult International Business School will give me an opportunity to support engineering functions by bridging the gap between business strategies and engineering. Linking business and engineering will increase my competency and relevance in the increasingly dynamic corporate world of today. My desire to pursue an MBA degree is also driven by my professional goal of cultivating my long-driven passion for the field of business. I currently have a Bachelor's Degree in finance and would like to continue to utilize it in my professional role in the finance field. My goal is to improve my budget planning capabilities and develop a business strategy for my company worksite. I have had the opportunity of moving to Amsterdam, Netherlands for six months to restore an entire process scale-up department. During this experience, I had the opportunity to engage with members of senior management to properly identify trends, objectives, and budgets, provide recommendations which were translated into departmental goals, in addition to helping to set goals that would lead to cost reduction and an increase in manufacturing productivity. The challenge I faced during this time was influencing colleagues to deliver on the project goals. I am hoping this program will teach me new ways to manage a group and encourage team building.

As a student within the program, I would network with other individuals from various professional backgrounds and who have cultural experiences that are different than my own. It is an assuring feeling to understand that I will not be alone on my professional journey within the MBA program and I would have instructors who are there by my side to offer their guidance. This graduate degree will offer me a broad grounding that could be added to my technical degree and financial acumen.


Conclusively, pursuing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Hult University (RBS) will multi-dimensionally improve my professional skills. I will have the capacity to handle a wide range of management and administration issues as I may be required to in the course of my career. Hult University, being a top class university offering vibrant master's degree programs, is the ideal university to advance my career and align skills to the emerging trends in business administration and management.

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