Masters of Science Accounting Degree: Personal Statement

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2022-11-14


Masters of Science accounting degree is an accounting course planned for accounting, nonbusiness and business students in quest of becoming Licensed Public Cert accountants and makes a career in the accounting line of business. As a student following an academic path can be challenging, therefore, it is essential to consult a lecture or a person you admire in your career path to help you evaluate your postgraduate plans so that you do not regret or make the wrong choices for your career. In some cases students pursue a master degree so that they can boost their career progress, however, in my case, the reason I choose to pursue a master degree is that I hoped that my postgraduate study would improve my career prospects. Also, I decided to study masters because I love challenges and I knew that studying masters will need me to tackle more complex materials, formulas and challenging responsibilities. More so, a degree in master requires a person who can participate in independent reading which will help me to be self-motivated. A degree in masters of accounting is related to many other fields in accounting, for example, Master of computer science. In general, studying a graduate degree in science accounting will consist of a few courses intended to offer a common perception of the accounting industry environment, but it will center narrowly on secretarial.

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In my case, the reason I choose to study a master's of science in accounting degree is that master's graduates in science accounting are more likely to be employed within a wide range of work settings, including government agencies and private practice. Also, many companies have a preference to hire auditors with a master's degree. However, I would not deny that seeing my father working and earning a considerable amount of money as a Science accountant as I was growing up motivated me, even more, to pursue a career in accounting more so attain my masters of Science in accounting. Correspondingly, I decided to pursue MS because I knew that the degree would give me the capabilities to make the correct critical strategic decisions in a constantly evolving international business environment. Moreover, the course will help me attain the skills and a chance to progress knowledge and abilities in bookkeeping concepts and practices and be able to advance as a leader with accounting skills, gain the capability to evaluate and understand financial records. The demand for the profession in Masters in science accounting is also on the rise, and the salary is well paying since in every industry or business involved an accountant is needed.


My career aspirations in accounting are to attain the knowledge, expertise, and skills that will help me accomplish my career goals and also gaining the know-how and capability that will help me shift to a more rewarding role in my career. I also look forward to learning and be able to tackle financial decisions that will positively impact businesses through the skills acquired through my degree course, thus offering me a broad grounding in the field. In conclusion, pursuing a master's degree in science accounting will equip me with both the technical understanding, survey and reporting, and communication skills that are essential for the first-moving business world. I also hope that once I pursue the degree, it will create employment opportunities in many fields.

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