Master's Degree in Nursing: Exploring Global Health Challenges & Leadership

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Date:  2023-01-28


A master's degree in nursing prepares a nurse to be an evolutionary and transformative thinker, and an imaginative individual who can lead change. The study explodes, expands and broadens the knowledge, technologies and diversity of a nursing student to face the global health challenges and work in a dynamic environment. The master's education further prepares a nurse to be a flexible leader and a person who critically takes action in a complex, dynamic and vast systems of health care (Darvish, Bahramnezhad, Keyhanian & Navidhamidi, 2014). Hence, a master's educated nurse is able to promote health and elevate health care in various roles and settings of health systems. A Master's prepared nurse is a change agent who impact technology and influences economics, and inter-personal relationships in a health-care environment.

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Impact of Technology

Technology is the face of the 21st century and the future of healthcare. As a result of technological advancement, it is becoming indispensable to talk of healthcare without talking of the technological capacity. A master's-prepared nurse utilizes the patient-care technologies to diagnose diseases and hence deliver a comprehensive and enhanced care to the patients.

A master's-prepared nurse plays leadership roles and in doing so, communication is a vital aspect for effective leadership (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2012). In this regard, any technology that aids in enhancing communication is essential to the nurse. A master's prepared nurse utilizes communication technologies to integrate and coordinate the state of healthcare. Imperatively, technologies in healthcare have positive impacts and make the roles of a nurse more effective and smooth.

While the Master's prepared nurse uses performs an evaluation of the date output, using the available communication technologies, a baccalaureate prepared nurse uses the telecommunication technologies to assist in providing and ensuring the communication is effective in all the parts of healthcare facilities. Using the technologies implanted in the patient care, the baccalaureate to ensure that the healthcare practice environment is safe and for service delivery to patients. A baccalaureate studies to grasp a good understanding of the terminologies and use of CIS systems that make documentation interventions that lead to the achievement of the highly sensitive outcomes of care nursing care delivered (Fall & Chong, 2008). Further, the nurse performs data evaluation from various technological sources and utilizes it to inform the delivery of healthcare services. By using technologies in this way, a baccalaureate nurse delivers healthcare to patient in an efficient and smooth way.

Influence of Inter-Professional Relationships

A master's prepared nurse is a member and plays leadership roles of the interprofessional teams. To ensure effective running of the teams, the nurse ensures that communication, collaborations and consultations are effective in integrating health professionals towards coordination and management of healthcare (Matthews, 2012). Understanding the interprofessional relationships enables the master's prepared nurse to deliver health care to the patents effectively. A master's prepared nurse uses the relational strategies to design, coordinate and evaluate the care provided to the patients. Such a nurse further employs effective communication strategies to come up most suitable and effective inteprofesssional teams and partnerships. When approached with new nurses, the master's prepared nurse coaches then and ensures that the entire heath care team is aligned towards one direction.

In comparison to master's prepared nurse, a baccalaureate nurse uses the interprofessional collaboration to optimize the outcomes of care provided to the patients. When working with other members of the interprofessional teams, the baccalaureate nurse manifest tam building and collaborative strategies that aids in the success of the entire team (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). In this way, the nurse ads in the advancement of the working of the entre team and consequently towards the improvement of the healthcare given to the patients. Besides, a baccalaureate nurse champions the provision of care that is both safe and of high quality hence improving the working of the team. On the other hand, the master's prepared nurse acts as a leader who effectively seeks to gain an invaluable understanding of the dynamics of the team and the processes of the group (Darvish et al., 2014).

Influence of Economics/Resource Allocation

Through resource allocation, the master's prepared nurse is equipped with skills on economics and this allows proper allocation of the resources in the healthcare system. Proper and efficient allocation of resources enables the healthcare environment to run smoothly with no problems and this improves the delivery of care to estimated patients.

The role of a baccalaureate and master's prepared nurse is different in terms of resource allocation (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2017). While the former is prepared to use the allocated resources, the latter is prepared to allocate the resources. Hence, the master's prepared nurse is equipped with managerial skills which the baccalaureate lacks.


In summary, a masters' prepared nurse is a more knowledgeable nurse with higher level of education. However, the major difference between a baccalaureate and a master's prepared nurse is that the latter is plays leadership roles and oversees the activities being performed within the health care system and facility.


In conclusion, a baccalaureate nurse and a master's prepared nurse performs roles that are almost similar, however, there is a slight difference between the two. While the master's prepared nurse is more experience and possess more knowledge about the nursing care, a baccalaureate nurse possess less knowledge on the same. Moreover, a notable difference between the two is that a baccalaureate nurse implements most of the activities and plans while a master's prepared nurse plays leadership roles. In this regard, the two types of nurses are prepared in different ways that leads to different learning outcomes. Technology, interprofessional relationships and resource allocation have great influence on the Master's prepared nurse when delivering healthcare to patients. Hence, in healthcare environment, a master's prepared nurse plays critical roles in transforming the care delivered to the patients and the healthcare team.


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