Paper Example on General Electric: Improving Competitiveness in an Increasingly Competitive Market

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2022-12-29

General Electric is a firm that provides and sells electrical products, healthcare, transportation, and much more. The company operates in more than 180 nations worldwide, but its headquarters are located in Boston, America. The organization is driven to provide high-quality services so as to improve customers' connection. However, the rise of other companies has increased number of competitors. This action has forced the company to introduce new competitive techniques so as to improve its competitive position. The internal performance of the organization has greatly influenced how activities are conducted. As a way of enhancing the performance, the organization has introduced assessment techniques such as 'force distribution.' Additionally, the company has a coaching process which helps to evaluate workers' performance. Through continuous feedback, the organization has helped to develop short-term goals.

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Change in management technique has helped the organization to integrate modern technology such as a mobile app, PD@GE. Through this mobile app, the organization is able to review short-term performance which helps to in enhancing its production. Coaching system has greatly impacted the performance of this mobile app as it is able to track all activities integrated. Additionally, the technique helps to deploy all positive and constructive technique which assist in enhancing performance in the organization. Through the yearly report, the organization is able to develop ways to improve its performance.

Based on the concept of the case, there is poor coordination between workers and management. Workers are not given a chance to engage in managerial activities such as decision-making. Workers-management interaction is a critical activity that promotes teamwork so as to enhance productivity (Homburg, Jozic, & Kuehnl, 2017). Furthermore, the management is using a lot of power, especially after the introduction of force distribution which gives managers the power to terminate the employee's contract.

In regard to the book, there are three major concepts that are outlined; organizing, controlling, and leading. These are critical concepts that influence how management exercise their authority. In General Electric, the company has an effectively organized system which is strengthened by the application of a mobile app. This technique has helped the management to control all activities which are taking place within the organization. Leading technique helps to motivate and influence workers to enhance production (Ringbeck,, 2018).

As a way of solving issues, the management should embrace communication technique so as to improve members' participation (Keles et al, 2015). Engaging all workers in the management can promote innovation as workers are given a chance to express and share ideas (Kopardekar et al, 2016). Additionally, the organization should create a platform that motivates workers by creating a technique which embraces reward. This will encourage workers to strive toward achieving organization goals.

Discussion questions

Question 1

The coaching serves as a system that helps the management to follow and track all performances taking place in the organization. This helps to create a short-long terms objective that helps to improve workers performances.

Question 2

The coaching is integrated with a mobile app which helps to improve performance. This technique is perceived as a way to enhance coaching building to review how activities are conducted.

Question 3

The application of coaching session helps to direct report the progress of all activities that are taking place in the organization. This is perceived as a way of enhancing performance-based.

Question 4

The management applies the coaching process model by integrating a mobile app which helps to track all activities that are taking place in the organization.

Question 5

The organization should eliminate traditional performance because it does not give workers a chance to express their ability due to unplanned dismissal.

Question 6

Application of a mobile app can be an effective way to enhance performance. A mobile app can help the organization to track all activities taking place in the organization.


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