Marketing With Social Media: The Strong Student Event Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-22

A. Introduction

Social media provides an effective way of conducting campaigns due to the capacity of reaching out to a large group with a single message. The Strong Student competition is an annual event that involves activity that tests the strength and resiliency of students. The three-day event divides student into weight categories, and students get the opportunity to compete amongst each other in the respective weight groups. The objective of the event is to attract as many participants as possible. Therefore, the Instagram campaign aims to ensure that the event reaches many prospective participants. According to Coles (2014), social media provides one of the best platforms for marketing and conducting campaigns. Unlike other traditional forms of marketing, social media is free, and it allows one to engage customers. For instance, Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform where one can post videos and imaged to increase the impact of the campaign on the audience. The following report provides a detailed description of a campaign meant to publicize the Strong Student event and establish the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign strategy chosen.

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B. Strong Student Event

The Strong Student Event is an extra-curricular activity organized to bring students together in an annual sporting and fun event. Unlike other sporting events get primarily aimed at testing the ability of participants, the Strong Student Event is also aimed at providing a student with an opportunity to have fun and experience the spirit of competitiveness. The three-day event occurs annually and often targets students from all the schools in the region.

The primary objective of the Strong Student event is to mobilize students from all schools in the region and create a platform where students can interact in a fan-packed environment. Unlike conventional sporting events where only selected participants are allowed, the Strong Student is open to all students willing to take part in the range of activities offered. Students need time away from academics to rejuvenate and have fun. Lack of such events can result in increased pressure for students which can escalate to depression. According to Smith (2014), the social sports theory explains that sports allow students to interact with one another thereby creating a favorable social environment where participants and the audience can have time to discuss important academic and non-academic issues. In essence, the event aims at creating a fan-packed environment that allow students to bond and engage in creative activities.

The event is also aimed at instilling among students the importance of working in teams in addition to bringing into perspective team dynamics. Some of the activities in the event will require students to work in teams rather than as individuals. In such cases, success will not depend on the strengths and skills of individuals but on the capacity of the team members to work together. The event is aimed at highlighting a student focussed activity aimed at bringing students from the various background as a way of allowing them to interact for better outcomes.

C. Social Media Target Audience Research

Research requires one to have a clear understanding of the topic at hand. Any report requires the student to conduct a study aimed at ensuring that the offline and online research publicized the initiative to provide that a maximum number of students participated.

The online research conducted established that the best approach to the online publicity was conducting popularizing the event in Instagram. There are a variety of social media approaches that can be used by researchers to publicize events online. For instance, there are social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. However, when researching the best approach, there was the realization that there are some that work best then the others. Kennedy (2016) explains that Instagram provides marketers with significant opportunities because of the video sharing platform. Furthermore, the services provided by Instagram are entirely free of charge. On the other hand, Facebook charges some specific amount for persons and organizations that want to market products using their platform. Therefore, there was the general realization that Instagram had a platform with many opportunities that can reach a large number of people within a specific time.

The social media is a perfect platform. However, there are various packages that one can utilize to ensure that they arrive at their specific objectives. For instance, the research conducted brought into perspective the reality that one has to know about their target audience before choosing a particular approach. The online analysis got based on the number of students that had subscribed to a given social media platform. Furthermore, the research also looked at the popularity of the various social media platforms among students. The general realization is that with the invention of smartphones and the concept of taking selfies, images, and videos, the platforms that promoted such aspects were popular that just the posting of status and communicating through direct messages. Just like the traditional adage observes, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

The current strongest man is the world Julius Bjornsson, although young, is an epitome of resiliency and strength. Using his personality can significantly motivate students to take part in the Strong Student event. The Instagram project will feature a variety of his photos to give participants a glimpse of what the event will require of them.

D. Strong Student Instagram Campaign

The objective of the event is not to concentrate upon the strength of the individual but to look at some factors that can define a strong and disciplined individual who can work in a team and ensure success. The image of the strong student created from the event should meet some factors. The event should be a learning experience for the students where they can be exposed to the basic concepts required in success. For instance, organizations are made of groups that have to work together for the benefit of the group and the individual members. Therefore, the event provides a perfect opportunity for students to engage in competitive activities but also to appreciate the role and importance of groups.

When conducting a project, it is always essential to ensure that there are set out objectives and that the project has arrived at the goals. Therefore, the project should come up with metrics to establish whether the venture was a success or failure. The social media marketing venture sought to use Instagram as the primary social media platform. The success of publicity will depend on the number of people reached and the online conversations elicited by the event. In social media, it helps when people talk about a game because it ensures that a large number of people get reached. Therefore, it is essential to package the even using something that is viral. Julius Bjornsson is not only the world strongest person but also featured in one of the best-selling series "Game of Thrones" where he played the character of Gregor Clegane. His extraordinary performance led to him featuring in seasons four to seven of the series. The mountain is already a figure in Hollywood, and his presence, size, and character will help attract a following in Instagram.

E. Conclusion

The report has brought into perspective essential aspects that accompany organization of an event. The use of social media was an eye-opener because it brought into view the various strategies that one could use to maximize the outcome. The report for the event was successful although there were some shortcomings.


Coles, L. (2014). Marketing with Social Media: 10 Easy Steps to Success for Business. New York, NY: Wiley.

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