Essay Example on Night Market: A Cross-Cultural Experience of Asian Cuisine & Culture

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Date:  2022-12-29


On August 21st, 2018, I attended the 626 Night Market at the Santa Anita mall in Arcadia for the third time. This is one of most much known Night Markets in L.A. County. Though most of the vendor are Chinese or Asian, it attracts different races to enjoy the event. In the event, the market was filled with different food trucks and stall, about hundreds of them; not only that there was few stall sales as well as souvenirs and dissemination of the culture of Night Market. I was at the market from 9 to 12 pm. It was probably the time a lot of people went there. Therefore the market was full of people. During my time, I enjoyed some shows held by the 626 Market and had some interactions with vendors to get knowledge about the Night Market and to enhance the evaluation of observations as well as the implementations I would propose.

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There was a huge marker; therefore I could not taste every booth. There was plenty of goods being sold in the booths as well as foodstuffs and drinks. Nonetheless, I did try some very famous foods over there. I love meat, so I most likely tried one-third of the BBQ booth. However, in my point of views, I did not recognize any significant difference between booths in the market. The only difference I realized was kinds of meat available in the booths. After that, I waited for about 40 minutes to get a burger. It tasted very good because the beef was juicy, and the bread was soft, it worth waiting. More so, I tried other foods in the market, though they were not my preference. I was also able to taste some drinks in the Night Market that showed the creativity of the vendors who prepared them. The vendors put some food safety LED light into the drink. This made the drinks look fantastic and delicious. While walking in the market, people holding their drinks created an image of people walking with colorful lights. Besides all, the 626 Night Market is a crowded market and looks awesome.


In the Night Market, I had an opportunity to interact with a burger cook. After a brief introduction about ourselves, I asked him about the whole food market during his smoke break but what surprised me was that the cook had never heard about the WFM. In the beginning, I thought he live a little bit far from our store. However, the truth was that he just lived in the Temple city which is about less than 15 miles radius within our two market store in Pasadena. I asked him why he had not heard about us, but he said that most of the organic stores are very expensive and preferred cheap food for daily diet.

The second stop I made was in a meet booth, where I interacted with the cook in the booth. I was able to ask him about the ingredients he used to prepare the delicious pieces of meat and the prices he charged for every piece. I realized it was a standard price that was affordable to the customers despite the expenses he incurred in buying the ingredients. I was able to buy three pieces and could not believe how scrumptious the meat was. However, our conversation was interrupted by some customers.

Shortly I left the booth, and the enticing drinks people were carrying attracted my attention. Therefore, I went to a booth that was selling these drinks to have a drink. The drinks were charming by the look because of the safety LED light put inside and surprisingly, very tasty. I had a few conversations with the owner as she was busy preparing the drinks and the frequent customers she received. On my way from the 626 Night Market, I met a Chinese in the parking lot which served the Night Market. After conversing with him, I came to know that he lives in Arcadia which was a very rich neighborhood. He had a pretty good quality life but still preferred buying organic food in Vons or Ralph`s. this made me wonder why he preferred food from Vons which was more expensive than in WFM.


After I talked to the cook and the customers in the 626 Night Market, I realized that WFM lacked advertisements. Both of them are situated in an approximation of 15 miles radius with our store in Pasadena but still had not heard about the WFM, even though they were in the different social bracket. Is it not right the WFM core value is that "bring high-quality food in the neighborhood"? But then, the WFM advertisement was not enough to attract the attention of the people even from the city nearby such that they have never heard about WFM Company.

I think WFM should utilize those big events especially the food event to advertise WFM. In that food event, there should be numerous food types and even some gastronome. The WFM can also conduct effective market research to promote their products against their competitors. Furthermore, there should be health department officers who should frequently make effective and significant inspections.


In conclusion, 626 Night Market at the Santa Anita mall in Arcadia is a significant market that serves very many customers in the region, to satisfy their needs and wants. The market has numerous types of commodities and has thereby attracted customers of several countries, for example, Indians and Chinese. The market offers foodstuff that drives my attention to conduct the research. Many customers seem to prefer buying in 626 Night Market due to their numerous variety of products that subject them into an effective system of many commodities that they can derive maximum utility from.

Furthermore, the 626 Night Market products have standard prices that favor customers' social status. The market has effectively advertised its products and picked plenty of customers. Therefore, WFM has to undertake the above recommendations in order to attract customers and react to the same competitive level as the 626 Night Market.

Finally, my trip to the 626 Night Market at the Santa Anita mall in Arcadia was a great experience and provided me with ideas that can enhance the development of WFM. I had an opportunity to enjoy the meat and drinks in the market and realized the extent of the quality sample products that attracts and maintains customer satisfaction.

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