Marketing: Vital to Companies for 3 Reasons - Engagement, Profit, & Consumer Needs - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-03-30


Marketing is a significant aspect of any company in the world, and according to The Chartered Institute of Marketing, it is the management process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer needs that increases a company's profits considerably (Pride & Ferrell, 2012). Marketing is vital to companies for three significant reasons (Mansoor, 2020). The first one is that marketing enables businesses to engage with their consumers. The marketing ads generate content that creates conversations around their products and their consumers. Through this engagement, the companies build relationships with consumers.

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Secondly, marketing helps inform customers of new products. These marketing ads give information about new products from a company, which, in a sense, creates brand awareness. In the current competitive market, companies market their products to be competitive in the industry. Lastly, marketing boosts sales. Marketing increases the chances that consumers will choose your products when making purchases.

Marketing Communications Campaign Strategies for Adidas

The US is among the most developed economies in the globe. Its economic growth, coupled with its social and political stability, has made it a target for foreign companies in various industries. Among these industries is the apparel industry, in which Adidas incorporation is among them. This paper will discuss two marketing campaign communications strategies that Adidas employs in the apparel industry for athletic shoes, which include promotional strategy and the digital campaign strategy. A marketing campaign is an organized action by a firm to increase promotion of products in various mediums and platforms, especially highly competitive franchises, which in this case is the Adidas incorporation (Tarver, 2020).

The Promotional Marketing Campaign Strategy

The primary marketing campaign strategy for Adidas was the use of promotional awareness in the sports industry. Adidas Incorporation uses sports events to promote their products using famous athletes worldwide. The firm ensured that the TV commercials were remarkably persuasive to consumers through kits sponsorship deals with athletes from around the world. For instance, the company became the official sportswear partner of the London 2012 Olympic games and exclusive licensee of all the branded clothing in the event. According to the company financial reports, this deal led to sales of over 100 million products in 2012.

Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

This strategy has been another successful campaign. The approach involves the company crating an e-commerce channel and the marketing of the Adidas product majorly through the digital platform. This strategy has become a success for Adidas incorporation because there is an increasing growth of digital transformation globally (Erkilic, 2020). The increased consumption of products through technology has inevitably influenced the consumers' behaviours; hence Adidas has been able to create a digital presence, which according to its 2015 financial reports, has allocated 90% of its marketing budget on digital campaigns and social media.


In summary, marketing campaigns communications is vital for big franchises for three primary reasons, which are that it enables a company to engage with its customers, creates brand awareness and boosts company sales. Adidas Incorporation employs two major marketing communications campaign strategies, which are promotional marketing campaign strategy and digital marketing campaign strategy that has been successful since 2012.


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