Factor That Have a Positive Impact on Customer Satisfaction of the KFC Company in Myanmar

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Date:  2022-05-26


Nowadays, people are very busy with their work and they prefer to eat fast food as the easy way lifestyles. So, fast food became more popular around the world. The more the fast food became popular, the more the competitors appeared in the fast food industries. To be a success among the other competitors, customer satisfaction is the major component which can take actions to improve for running a long-term business. Customer satisfaction is the feeling how the customer feels about the products, service quality, customer expectation, brand, promotion, taste and pricing, physical environment. It is fundamental that the company can make the satisfaction of the customers; the company will be accomplished to give the best service to the customers (Kenyan et.al. 2015). In this research, how are the important factors of customer's service and customer satisfaction of the KFC Company in Myanmar?

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In the over growing competitive markets, it is normally recognized that services which are available within the same industry have significantly been on the increasing edge. In light of this the service most of the servicing industries have since resorted to differentiated the delivery of most of the services and the products. This is specifically done to create positioning which can be achieved through different communication channels. One of the industries where quality and brand name really matters is the fast food industry. KFC, for instance, is one of the providers in the first food industry which have been trying to customers from all atoners of the world. With the diversified lifestyles, beanpole families, career women and longer working hours, fast food still stands to be the perfect choice for most people. This is attributed to the fact that the food which is benign provided at these particular joints are instantly prepared to eat and have such a limited time. With the increase in the changing lines style. it, therefore, provides a vivid opportunity to the available fast food providers to enhance and also expand most of their business.

One of the key fast food providers which have since expanded its business is KFC. It has moved to Myanmar as one of its new markets. To look farther into the concept of fast food satisfaction, the paper will look at some of the factors which are affecting brand reputation, product features and. The paper will examine when either some of these factors have direct or a positive impact on the customer station of the KFC company which is located in Myanmar.

Background information

KFC is one of the famous fast food companies all over the world. KFC is always trying to give the unique service to customers and meets more customer expectations, sets the fair price and gets more customer satisfaction due to their services and qualities of the food. As the matter of fast food is expanding around the world, the principle concern still stays over the fulfilment level and factors that upgrade consumer loyalty. If there is no fulfilment of clients on the quality and service, clearly there is no business will be prosperous. Any business ought to have the capacity to comprehend those variables and KFC is no exemption to this reality. In 2015, KFC had started to expand the market in Myanmar as the country allowed to open the international business from the government.

KFC in all its areas of operations has been having specific values that it adheres to. Some of these values are shared globally. These values include:

  • Focusing all the resources on the restaurant operations since it is known that that is where the business serves its customers
  • Expanding and at the same time updating training with time to the best of their ability.
  • The firms strive at being open, direct and honest in its dealings

Current products

  • Zinger burger
  • Col. Fillet burger
  • Macho's burger
  • Col. Chicken burger
  • Cheese
  • Nuggets
  • Hot wings
  • Fries
  • Corn on the cob
  • Arabian rice
  • Dinner rolls
  • Hot and crispy soup
  • Soft Drink
  • Mineral water
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Milo
  • Frothed
  • Moccasin
  • Tea

One of the regions that KFC has since stepped its foot is Myanmar. Many Myanmar people enjoy eating the fast food due to popularity. KFC became the fancy food for them and they like to eat the food and enjoy their services. But as the first step of the KFC Myanmar, they are facing some problems about their services. To achieve more in future, KFC in Myanmar need to emphasize more services and customer satisfaction by viewing the feedbacks from customers to adapt Myanmar culture. Due to different fast food companies, there may be different researchers about customer satisfaction around the world. However, this research is mainly proposed how the brand reputation, service quality and product feature have a positive impact on customer satisfaction of KFC in Myanmar.

Research Objectives

The main purpose of this research is to investigate how the factors affecting of the customer satisfaction on the KFC's sale improvement in Myanmar. There are following major objectives:

  • To examine if KFC brand reputation has a positive relationship with customer satisfaction
  • To identify the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction towards purchase intention
  • To evaluate the price, tastes and promotion are related in order to get customer satisfaction
  • To understand the factors affecting customer satisfaction can make to grow sales rate in future

Research Questions

  • What are the main factors affecting the customer satisfaction in KFC Myanmar?
  • What is the customer satisfaction level of KFC Myanmar?
  • How can the KFC make to meet customer expectation and requirement?
  • How can the KFC maintain the brand reputation and service quality?
  • According to the growth of fast food competitors, how the KFC can control the customer satisfaction in the future?


In the study, the level of satisfaction and the influencing factors measured in details in the previous years for the Vietnam fast food market is researched and the research details about the customer satisfaction are looked at. Some of the main topics researched on were the customer satisfaction as the main priority and objective of the research. Customer satisfaction as to any business striving organization is very important by stating its strategies which should satisfy the customers' expectations and needs in return leading to productivity and raising profit. For a customers' satisfaction to even become a factor, the company offers good quality from their core brands characteristics in order to get and measure the level of the customers' satisfaction. This defines the evaluation made on the products and the post of purchase involving decision making for the kind of products and services to be put in place for the customers' satisfaction of every brand available to them.

The fact that there is no absolute concept regarding the customers' satisfaction and it is based on being a relative one and it is, therefore, one whenever the customer feels likes actually enjoying the products and services offered and the expectations they have to be fulfilled by the organization support if the quality of the services and product provided are adequate, then they will be loyal to the brand offered. When it comes to customers' satisfaction, this is the main key to any organizations achievement of goals and the objectives as the customers are the main concept of determining the right way of getting and maintaining the long-term customers since if there are unsatisfied customers' they tend to change to another brand of another company with the same industrial products. Apart from customers' satisfaction, the fast foods are also another factor that affects the brand reputation and influences customer satisfaction. It is a different kind of general foods. They have a short period of preparation and service to the customers, hence the name fast foods, than any other meals. They are usually purchased on the self-service basis and are on 'takeaways' terms as one can either decide to eat on the premises of the organization or go home with it. This doesn't usually take long. The main reason why they use fast foods is because according to the research done, fast foods are always an attraction to all genders and age group. It is easy to get and mostly, it is always delicious leaving the customers satisfied all the time. In the modern generation, there is development made in the recent century and has spread and has been promoted globally. Eating at fast food restaurants in the modern day life has become a trend and this has led to the increased consumption level of the meat available in Vietnam for the whole. This is where chicken and beef products have a major domination over pork in every different menu in the food chain.

All this depends on the quality of the services offered in the restaurants that serve the customers. The services offered such as waiting on the customers, their relationship between the employees and the customers and most importantly, honesty by the employees in relation to the time limit of waiting, have an influence on the customers' satisfaction. Therefore the service quality is stated as a category of variables that includes the expectation of customers on the outcomes and their perception of the final results from the kind of service they get. The increasing tendency of the phenomenon quality service has thoroughly elevated the service quality and has helped in measuring the level of the services offered. This is termed as Service quality.

The service quality consists of some service factors such as the reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibility. All this are characterized as the main rapport of the service quality. In the faction of comparison between expectation and performance from the customers that allows them to give the end results and feedback about the products is dependent on the quality of service. This is service quality main function and it is considered a useful method that has a hand in the management process of the business and this guarantees a very high customers' satisfaction that motives and enhances effectiveness and competitiveness of the industry.

The representation of the difference between the customers of the true service and what they desire from the product providers is represented by the service quality and also the judgment from the customers about the excellent standards of the services. Therefore, the fast food restaurants are relevant to the health and nutrition of the human life and their needs are obviously expected to focus on the reliability, assurance and responsiveness of the services offered. This is because it is viewed as a unique service industry and one particular industry as it is called "hybrid services" that involves other industries such as the healthcare delivery industry, banking industry, professional business service industry and the retail stores. The food consumption by the customers is relied on and is motivated by the main characteristic of the cultural, natural, physical, interpersonal and status of life motivators. In the customer satisfaction category, the first thing that is always considered by the customers is basically the product the organization offers. Therefore it is automatic that the kind of product the organization offers is the main basis of the customer satisfaction determination. The product quality is considered to be a series of the available characteristic features of the products created on the ability to satisfy the customers' need and demands.


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