Coca-Cola: Collaborating to Keep Prices Sustainable & Engaging Local Communities - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-07-19


Coca-cola works together with consumers, their employees, the governments, financiers, the regulating authorities, nongovernmental organizations, and the communities. Coca-cola involves its suppliers in fixing of prices for their brands around the country. Collaboration between the distributors has made the prices of goods to remain sustainable. The company works with local communities by organizing regular meetings. Local universities also meet every year with the company.

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Coca-cola has been keen on ensuring that they engage every stakeholder in an attempt to improve. The involvement has made the company achieve sustainable operations around the world. Coca-cola has severally been quoted as the best company. The company puts a lot of emphasis on the role of the stakeholders.

Another way the primary stakeholders have been involved is through lending money and charging low interest. (Lawrence and Weber, 2017) Stakeholders of the Coca-Cola company could get loans to finance investments.

Through its water initiatives, coca-cola is working to improve water efficiency and refill water in communities. The water that they had extracted to produce Dasani is the one they give back. This ensures that the communities have adequate water for use. (Gaither & Austin, 2016). Another way that the main stakeholders have influenced the financial performance of the company is through the women-focused initiative. The company has been empowering women entrepreneurs in their workplace. Over three million women have been empowered by coca-cola from all over the world. To empower the women, the company came up with a project called 5by20. the company supports women with a view of starting businesses. (Gaither & Austin, 2016).

Controversial Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca-cola companies' social responsibility includes widely known controversial opinions. Millions of people throughout the world have varying views about the social responsibility of the company.

Coca-cola company announced that they had a plan to give back all the water that they have recycled in the year 2016. This recycling was to be achieved by the year 2030. The company promised to give back every dop that they have taken. Giving back all the water was the highest target that had been made by the company. The world without waste was not possible. A look at the records of the company in the subsequent years has shown that the company may not be working to achieve the target. (Balch, 2008)

The processing of water and giving it back has been failing since the time they started it. In released reports, the company has the intention of increasing the water given back. However, in reality, the amount of water processed is usually low.

The company claims that they do not waste any amount of water. However, it does not count the water that trickles out of pipes as it is being tapped. Research conducted in 2008 revealed that in every 35 liters of water they used, they produced only half a liter bottle of soda.

Although it is the responsibility of any business to ensure that its products are less harmful, Coca-cola has been producing products that are criticized by the world as having side effects. People associate them with obesity. However, coca-cola company has never taken any action to improve their performance or check the side effects. The company takes advantage of having the most patronized drinks. Coca-cola does not ever seem to react to the critics.


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