Comparison Between Two Documentaries About Walmart

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Date:  2022-05-09


Walmart is a multinational corporation retail enterprise that operates a chain of low-priced hypermarkets stores and groceries. The firm has adopted a policy of providing the population with discounted prices in the United States. This has attracted a lot of criticism which led to the cast of a documentary known as the High Cost of Low Price. The movie is utilized to display to the public on how the policy is negatively affecting the population citing factors such as unfair employee remuneration policies. Such claims include unpaid overtime work and low pay, unaffordable health care plans, racism, gender discrimination, where women were paid less than men and not allowed to hold high profile positions, and environmental abuses. It also examines the adverse effects on small businesses in the society by citing the number of small stores that were closed due to competition.

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On the defense, another documentary was published; "Why Walmart Works and Why that Drives People Crazy." It cites its commitment and its ability to create jobs in the economy, the role of globalization in providing low-priced products to the US customers, defend and exhibit the firm's appropriate healthcare insurance plan terming it to provide extensive coverage. It also exhibits the firm's willingness to hire persons with disability, bringing the society together and accommodating people from all walks of life, and says that the salary paid is adequate for a retailer shop employee. It also exhibits Walmart's concern to the society as they provided the much-needed water and other emergency supplies after the wave incidence. The documentary terms the negative response to the firm as a normal reaction from jealous firms and individuals due to the firm's growth and prosperity.

Impact of Walmart on Small Businesses

The "The High Cost of Low Prices" documentary starts with the evaluation of the impact that the establishment of Walmart has to the local small enterprises and stores. The author suggests that the adoption of low prices levied in the Walmart stores gave them a competitive advantage over the local shops and stores forcing them to shut down due to lack of customers. The documentary creates an emotional appeal through the chronological interview of the families that have lost their businesses after the Walmart started its operation in their localities. For instance, in Middlefield saw the author interviews Don Hunter- a businessman who was forced to close due to the stiff competition. Additionally, the producer makes use of soothing melodies as the Don is being interviewed to establish a sympathetic mood and appeal to the listener to continue watching. Visuals such as using black and white texture to represent doom caused by the firm. This was also used to signify the closure of H&H Hardware (Robert). This section, however, does not incorporate appeal for logic due to the absence of data and facts to support the claim.

"Why Walmart Works and Why that Drives People Crazy" highlights the emergence of funky stores to defend the claim that Walmart kills small businesses in the society. Despite the establishment of the Walmart stores in Downtown, there has been a re-emergence of small stores, which can be accessed by the population. This section is shallowly expressed since the author does not logically explain how Walmart has facilitated the emergence of Mom and Pop stores (Ron). Additionally, there is lack of pathos appeal. The documentary associates the provision of low-priced products to the consumers as the advantage of globalization and advantages the consumer more as compared to the effects it has on small businesses (Ron). Through documentary proves the ethicality of its claims through the use of personal testimonies, where the respondents praise the chance to get cheap and durable products from China.

Treatment of Employees in Walmart

The documentary "The High Cost of Low Prices" states that Walmart mistreated its employees through unpaid overtime hours and did not appreciate the sacrifice made by the employees. The author utilizes emotional appeal to express this point by displaying children that are struggling with their others having no time to take care of them (Robert). The mother highlighted how they were overworked in Walmart, thus going home exhausted despite the less pay they were receiving. Moreover, the author utilized facts such as the expressions made by an employee who suggested that the little money she got went back to Walmart via shopping costs. Hence, she suggests that the money was not enough to pay her bills, daycare, and at the same time work.

On the other hand, the "Why Walmart Works and Why that Drives People Crazy" defends this claim by suggesting that the company avails a conducive environment for its employees. They also suggest that the pay given is equivalent to the classification, and the employees accept it voluntarily. Additionally, the produce uses emotional appeal to attract the attention of the viewers as Sharon is seen shedding tears as she tries to express how Walmart has improved her life and given her the chance to give her children a good life (Ron). She also suggests that the salary is enough and enables her to keep the children satisfied. She rubbishes the claims that Walmart mistreats its workers and suggests its efforts towards nurturing its employees and turning them into professionals.

Healthcare Plan

"The High Cost of Low Prices" documentary suggests that the healthcare policy adopted by Walmart was expensive and inefficient. An interview with an anonymous worker is used to establish pathos appeal, where through her narration of the struggle she undergoes struggle to access medication due to the inferior insurance cover by the company. Moreover, Donna Payton says that she was unable to include her children in her insurance policy since it was expensive to fund (Robert). Additionally, the producer applies logos through the use of various interviewees to validate their claim and express the concerns raised by the workers on the affordability of the health care plan. The section also applies logos as they utilize facts that rank Walmart on the top of organizations with the largest number of illegible workers for Medic Aid across Florida. These assists the author to prove the credibility of their claims that considers the policy ineffective.

Alternatively, "Why Walmart Works and Why that Drives People Crazy" documentary tries to validate the value of the expensive medical health care program. The Sharon interview is utilized to appeal to ethos as she expresses the proof that the healthcare policy works and is effective. Her declaration that she used it for her teeth whitening is a proof of the functionality of the policy since such a service is considered as a luxury. Notably, through Michael F. Cannon interview, the producer utilizes logos to lay out facts of the cost of insurance in America (Ron). He expresses that an average family coverage policy goes for $7000, which is equivalent to what Walmart offers as opposed to what the critics present.


The two documentaries were formulated in an organized manner, for instance, "The High Cost of Low Prices" exhibited the utilization of major cues of communication to attract attention from the audience. The section has incorporated aspects such as pathos in most of its claims. For instance, the chronological interview of the families that have lost their businesses after the Walmart started its operation in their localities. Additionally, the producer adequately utilizes ethos either by visual graphics or actual proof through interviews. However, the documentary has exhibited inadequate use of logos and expert analysis to substantiate their claims. On the other hand, the "Why Walmart Works and Why that Drives People Crazy" documentary employs ethos through the use of expert analysis and interviews to affirm their argument, as well as the use of logos. The producer incorporated statistical analytics and facts to convince the audience of the authenticity of their claims. However, ethos appeal was sparingly used in this documentary, but it was presents especially on Sharon's interview. Therefore, the "Why Walmart Works and Why that Drives People Crazy" has presented the ultimate job to outline its claim due to the establishment of a solid claim and proof of their argument.

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