Looking for the Interviewer HR Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07


An interview is typically a formal conversation that involves two or more parties asking questions while the other party provides answers to those questions. Looking for interviewees can be a hard task that it seems. While searching for interviewees, I cast out the net into my social media platforms which have quite a greater audience. I posted details of the kind of interviewee I would like to have and sent messages to people on my Facebook profile and the LinkedIn network (Brinkmann, 2014). Word of mouth and communicating with people within the community was also a helpful tool. For instance, looking for a retired manager in a particular field was easier done through asking out a retired manager to put me in touch with another retired manager. Also reaching out to the local interest groups is another way that was used to search for the interviewee sought for. For instance, veterans associations prove to be helpful in linking with ex-servicemen and women (Brinkmann, 2014).

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Reaching out to public relations officers was also another useful strategy that I employed to find the best interviewee for my research. Public relations officers are well connected to many people, and it is easier for them to offer help in contacting the appropriate person for the interview. In another way of finding an interviewee, I searched for the professional fields by doing industry research. The research helped me in finding a person that I was looking for through connections in the professional field (Brinkmann, 2014).

Research for the Interview

Research for the interview was to look at the interviewee's resume first to establish what the candidate has to offer. Doing this will make it easier to dig dip into the details when it comes to interviewing them. Also, exploring all the topics that would feature during the interview and having thorough and basic knowledge about the fields that I would be exploring during the interview. Also researching for the best terminology that was to be included in the interview. The structure of the interview is also a vital area to research on. Researching on this is fundamental since it outlines what format would be followed during the interview. For instance, it would help in highlighting whether the interview would follow a chronological path, concentrate on particular topics or even allow the interviewee to decide on the subject (Cohen & Crabtree, 2006). Research before conducting the interview was to help in determining the tools to be used for the interview for example whether recording gadgets would be appropriate or questionnaires. Also, research is fundamental in deciding the kind of questions to be asked during the interview. It also helps in putting together relevant documents and some form of identification (Cohen & Crabtree, 2006).

Questions to Ask for the Interview

What skill makes you the most qualified person in this professional field and for this position?

The question is essential in making sure that the candidate is qualified and that he or she understands the role and whatever it entails.

What professional achievements are you proud of up to date?

The question helps in opening up the interviewee and helps the interviewer know the kind of strengths that the interviewee possesses. Be it a certification, an award or completion of a big project, the question shall offer the strengths of the interviewee to the interviewer (King, 1972).

Asking the interviewer about their working style.

This question is essential in determining if the interviewer is a collaborator or one who loves working independently. It also reveals if they would perform better with a lot of direction or rather establish if they can work on their own without being necessarily instructed all the time. The question is important in making sure that the person fits into what the interviewer is searching for.

Asking the interviewee about what thing they would first tackle in the position if hired.

The question is essential in knowing the priorities of the interviewees. It also helps in confirming if the interviewee has the correct understanding of what they are doing. Also, it would give insight into how the candidate would perform.

Asking the interviewee why they left their previous employer.

The question is fundamental in knowing what kind of person is coming to work for you and to understand the sort of red flags they might pose (King, 1972).

Asking them the kind of skill that they would like to further when given the job.

This question shall help in knowing the flaws of the candidate and also identifying the applicant better by knowing what plan they have to continue growing themselves.

Asking the interviewee of a challenging situation that they were in and how they overcame that challenge.

This question helps in getting a grasp on how the candidate reacts to and tackles difficult circumstances and challenges. It also helps in determining if they can work under challenging conditions well without jeopardizing the company (King, 1972).

Research To Plan the Interview

Knowing the purpose of the interview, researching on explaining the purpose of interview to the interviewees. Another research done to plan the interview was on the terms of confidentiality to know if courts or other organizations might get access to the information that they provide. Researching on the type of interview to be done and how long it would last. Researching the questions to ask and noting them down (Seidman, 2006).

Deciding the Location

Avoiding places with loud noise for easier communication with the interviewees. Looking for a location that is more comfortable for the interviewee. It might be their home, their office or a place that they are comfortable with. Finding a spacious place to interview from. An excellent location for holding an interview also should have a good lighting system that does not cast shadows on the people in the room. Also, the light should be appropriate so that it does not affect the quality of the video to be taken in case a video is needed (Seidman, 2006).

Technical Research About the Interviewing

Learning about the ethnic and cultural considerations since it might be deemed disrespectful in some cultures to question an older person. Considering the barriers in language that may arise so that it easier to tackle them. For instance, researching, if there would be a need for an interpreter during the interview. Researching some skills that the interviewer might possess and how to integrate it in the interview approach. For example skills in IT, science or engineering (Crabtree & Miller, 1991).

Post Interview Research

Verifying if the tape recorders and video recorders worked appropriately during the interview. Making any notes on those already done during the interview like filling out notes that did not make sense, clarifying scratchings and filling out page numbers. Noting down observations of what happened during the interview (Seidman, 2006).


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