Literature Review on Children's Games

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Date:  2021-04-08

Lego and Digital Game Research

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Factors, trends, theories that affect children age 6-9 regarding how they play, do they like Lego, and do they like technology games instead

Smith, P. K. (2009). Children and Play: Understanding Children's Worlds (Vol. 12). John Wiley & Sons.This book focuses on the reasons why children play and factors that motivate them. It covers the history and the study of play and its theories. The author focuses on evolutionary theories such as spencer; Darwin, and Groos. Other factors that influence play among children are psychoanalytic and anthropological perspectives on play. Smith (2009) also looks at play in different culture citing Parakana children as the case study. On the same note, the concentrates on the roles of parents in play during the play time of their young ones. This book is very important for this study because it highlights the most important factors that motivate children to play.

Case-Smith, J., & Kuhaneck, H. M. (2008). Play preferences of typically developing children and children with developmental delays between ages 3 and 7 years. OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health, 28(1), 19-29.

This is a cross sectional study that was aimed to determine play preferences among children with and without developmental delays. Preference ratings were associated with gender, age, and, delay status. According to the findings of the study, children with developmental delay had higher preference for object exploration and rough-and-tumble and lower preference for coloring and drawing, construction, and action and doll figurine play than children who have normal developments. This article is important since the comparison of children's play preferences across gender, ages, and developmental status boosts peoples understanding of how such variables influence play among young ones.

Plowman, L., Stephen, C., & McPake, J. (2010). Growing up with technology: Young children learning in a digital world. Routledge.This book explains how the technology has influenced the play methods of children. The authors assert that as time goes children have moved from outdoors games, to Lego, and then to technology based games. According to the book, a decade ago, most kids used Lego; however with emergence of technology, they have concentrated on technology games since even Lego can also be played via computer. The book also looks at the effect of home environment on initial learning and play patterns. This book is very important for this study since it highlights the role technology has played in play pattern among kids.

Astington, J. W., & Edward, M. J. (2010). The development of theory of mind in early childhood. Social Cognition in Infancy, 5, 16.This article concentrates on social cognition as the heart of kids capability to get along with others and to ensure things are moving from their stand of view. The foundation of this critical ability is in the expansion of the theory of mind. According to the authors the Theory of mind is the understanding of individuals as psychological beings, in which each of them has her or his own mental states for example thoughts, motives, wants, and feelings. As such, the theory of mind explains peoples own behaviors to others, by informing them of what others want and think. According to them, this theory has been the major factor the trend of gaming that has moved from analogue to digital.

Njuguna, M. N. (2014). Factors affecting children's play in urban Kenya (Doctoral dissertation, University of Nairobi).

This paper defines play as gratifying activities that children engage in for its own sake. Play is significant to children development since it contributes to the physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being of a child. The study was intended to establish the undermining factors of kids in urban societies and how such factors can be analyzed. The author also evaluates the importance of parents, and how they contribute to the social welfare of their children. In the article, both quantitative and qualitative approaches were employed which involved the use questionnaires filled with both parents and children in upper classes. The study revealed that a number of factors such as finance and parent contribute to the trend of play.

Moreno, A., Poppe, R., & Heylen, D. (2017). Play with Me! Gender-Typed Social Play Behavior Analysis in Interactive Tag Games. In Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment: 8th International Conference, INTETAIN 2016, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 2830, 2016, Revised Selected Papers (pp. 146-157). Springer International Publishing.Authors of this study investigate whether or not social behaviors described in literature can be observed via programmed analysis. They do this by examining players roles and position, which ITP logs routinely. Specifically, the paper addresses the effect which age and gender have on the expanse of tags and also the distance kept between each player. The findings of the study largely duplicate the existing research, although not all conjectured changes reached a required level of statistical significance. With the aforementioned proof, the authors paved a way for the robotic analysis of the play, which can assist in creating cooperative play areas more engaging. This study is important since it highlights critical factors that affect childrens play.

Competitors in technology gaming play like Minecraft and others, what are they doing? What is popular? Why?

Cilauro, R. (2015). Community building through a public library Minecraft Gaming Day. The Australian Library Journal, 64(2), 87-93.

Competitors in the gaming technology play like mine craft since it reminds persons of the dire straits. The game is moreover an oddity because it does not rely on mastering levels or earning points, and also it does not come with even instructions or any rule at all. Mine craft is said to be an ultimate sandbox game since it allows the players to get the 1*1 cubes and build what they want from the Roman cathedrals. The players collect tools whereas building protection and assemble resources to feed as well as arm themselves against some of the bad guys which happen to come out at night, for example, creepers, zombies, and dreaded underman.

Garcia Martinez, S. (2014). Using Commercial Games to Support Teaching in Higher Education (Doctoral dissertation, Concordia University).What makes Mine craft popular is that the game can be and is regularly modified by the players for their suitability. The players are capable of creating add-ons to the game and invent new building blocks or give characters precise powers. The game is popular because it can be played over many platforms including tablets, smartphones, and desk tops. Commercial games like mine craft are distributed predominantly for entertainment. Due to their immersive and engaging physiognomies, they are habitually used as coaching tools in some of the Higher Education Colleges. Conversely, it is not precisely clear how the faculty members incorporate the game.

Bukvic, I. I., Martin, T., & Matthews, M. (2011). Moving Beyond Academia Through Open Source. SolutionsIntroducing L2Ork, Virginia Techs Linux Laptop Orchestra. Journal SEAMUS.Teenagers have relationship with video games which have ranged from boredom to curiosity and from distraction to entertainment. Children spend most of their evenings playing games such as street fighter and computer games like mine craft. A number of harmonizing teenager media landscapes are progressively shaped by demands of finance, especially where neoliberal capitalism intensifies the experience as well as affects the consumers culture. The digital network technologies are decentralized since the capacity communicating is more accessible in the network society. The immersive advertising has become pervasive. The interactive technology in gaming produces specific and new kinds of governmentally and bio power games for the youths.

Shah, M., Foster, A., Scottoline, M., & Duvall, M. (2014, March). Pre-service teacher education in game-based learning: Analyzing and integrating minecraft. In Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 2646-2654).

Some of the pre-service teachers require the knowledge and skills in identifying the appropriateness of games as well as to employ games in the curriculum development. Researchers presented a qualitative study where one of pre-service teachers analyzed and incorporated Mine craft in a game-based studying lesson proposal. This particular study has become part of a mixed-technique project undertaken in educating fifteen pre-service teachers. A rubric facilitates the integration and analysis of Mine craft in a game based learning lesson plan. Some teachers use the game in pre-building virtual antique worlds after which assigning learners to work in their groups to finish quests, for example, fortify a town against bandits. Not only do the children learn to work jointly and menaces solve, but they also pick up little history lesson about the ancient municipal planning as well as warfare along without realizing the game.

Roberts-Woychesin, J., & Piller, Y. (2015). Mining Knowledge with Game Based Learning: Building Knowledge Through Connected Learning with the use of Minecraft in the Classroom. In Global Learn (Vol. 2015, No. 1, pp. 418-425).

Gaming like minecraft has occupied an essential position in the educational systems since the time immemorial. Through current and past technological advancements, all the erudite games have been presented into the classroom for studies. Particularly, digital games like Minecraft have emerged mutual educational games as well as teaching tools. A vital aspect of the educational games is that they ought to be designed so as to fit the learners needs. Mine craft should also fit the various activities and tasks that the K-12 educational system requires students to undertake both at home and school. Moreover, situated learning can be evidenced particularly in gamification. Also, Minecraft, an exceedingly prevalent game among the K-12 students is rated as one of the exceptional tools in the pedagogy classroom.

Canossa, A., Martinez, J. B., & Togelius, J. (2013, August). Give me a reason to dig Minecraft and psychology of motivation. In Computational Intelligence in Games (CIG), 2013 IEEE Conference on (pp. 1-8). IEEE.

Video games have been acknowledged to be part of the prominent popular culture and have been played by audience more diversely than before. People engage with the games differently, however, the variations might be attributing to individuals differences. Indulging the effect of personality on peoples behavior in the games has a number of benefits including, correcting user models for the adaptive applications and inclusive designing practices. On the other hand, the work done explores the interplay between behavior and personality. The researchers hypothesize through considering the persons facets which compose of a broad personality traits. People expect that separating the games environment into its constituent zones with diverse situational affordances can similarly improve correlations through behavior modulation.

Lego brand and positional strategies in the competitive space of toys targeting age 6-9, are they doing a good job? What can they do better to win over customers to play with original Legos and what can they do to win over customers in digital games?

Quelch, J. A., & Hoff, E. J. (2013). 10 Customizing Global Marketing. Readings in International Business: A Decision Approach, 267.

The authors of this book assert that the prices of Lego products are one of the factors that should be looked into to woo more customers. According to them, another important issue that s...

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