Classical Concert in High School Report

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Date:  2022-04-04

On the 16th of March 2018, the Chief Sealth International High School Auditorium in Seattle was host to an amazing classical music event that I attended. The event was graced by the West Seattle Community Orchestra who were the main act performing one of my best classical compositions; my favorite things. The band also performed Tocatta by one of the most revered music legends and composers in the classical world; Frank Erickson. WSCO ended the evening on a high note with emotional performances of Galop by Ponchielli and Shenandoah as composed by the renowned Frank Ticheli.

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The venue was nothing short of spectacular. I was impressed by the size and magnitude of the theatre hall in which the event was held. It looked simple enough in its red themed ambience but its size, space, and lighting contributed to its magnificence. As I made my way inside, I could feel the anticipation of the audience. The occasion was graced with lovers of classical music and the West Seattle Community Orchestra band in particular. As I observed the audience, I noted that most seemed to be middle-aged couples seated next to one another. There were a handful of young people here and there but many were above 40 years of age. Most of the music played in this event constituted what old symphonies and compositions from artists who ruled the 1970s like Frank Erickson. Hence, the audience were individuals who could resonate with this type of music and a younger generation with an old soul. The audience was also very responsive. They clapped heartily after every performance and was emotionally moved when necessary.

I enjoyed the performance of Tocatta very much. I was particularly intrigued by the sound of the bass clarinet in the background. It was played on the low octave and complimented the higher notes in a very satisfying manner. Everything came together because of the quality of the bass clarinet in the background that I could hear and feel as part of the overall package. I was also intrigued by the perfect execution of the mid voice that was in close proximity to the tenor sax. I could also hear some alto in the brass but it was not too pronounced and merely facilitated a balance between the high and low notes. The most impressive aspect in this case was the balance. Nothing was overdone and everything maintained a perfect tempo that brought this performance to life. I had come to listen my favorite things in particular but this was by far my best performance. He crowd seemed to think that the band did Frank Erickson justice as well because most people could not stop clapping and some had tears in their eyes after the performance was over.

I was also quite moved by the performance of Shenandoah. The composition is historically related to the aspects of freedom. Frank Ticheli intended for it to showcase the freedom attached to American folk music. It was a genre that most people ignored for the better part of the 19th century and his intention was to revive it by showcasing its musical freedom and potential. More so, Ticheli brought this song to life because it carried the story of love. A settler was in love with a native women at a time when this seemed impossible. Compositions such as this are timeless in nature, which explains their ability to touch an audience and bring it to tears in 2018. The band performed it with the softness that was required to convey the meaning of the song to the audience. The tenderness in the French horns and introductory trumpet carried the message of love to which the audience connected. They horns brought forth a melody that carried the significance of this song even without its interpretations. It was one of the most moving performances I have ever witnessed in classical music.

I enjoyed this event more than I thought I would. It reminded me of the dimensions of classical music and its overall beauty. I would want to attend many more events of this kind in future. I cannot wait for another event that is hosted by this band and many more.

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