Lessons Learnt from Mrs. Shawanna V. James Speech

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Date:  2021-03-29

I can't shun away from the fact that Mrs. Shawanna V. James powerful speech encompassing empowerment of the youth stir feelings in me. It is quite discouraging and touching to realize how political systems discourage learning processes in the society by dividing kids into social categories. Some states for instance have well equipped learning facilities whereas others languish in outdated and poorly crafted facilities. In my opinion, moral stratification is the only way to help kids build their esteems and such cannot be achieved if political bodies keep on breaching democracy and denying kids their equal rights of learning.

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From the speech, I learnt interesting facts about teachers in regards to overall development of kids. Mrs. Shawanna notified that the sole purpose of a teacher is to help a kid develop his or her life skills no matter the factors that may destroy such young spirits. She spoke of kids need for guidance and motivation for moral and psychological development. I also picked on a very important point on the conditions of an institution upon which kids are offered moral services. Such a place should offer a lucrative learning atmosphere for any kid. Teachers should as well be equipped with combative skills of handling kids from different backgrounds.

I find it worth appreciating that the speaker is an example of one that was influenced to change by a teacher. Even though her father was alcoholic, she never stopped working hard and her teacher never stopped encouraging her to work hard.

Mrs. Shawanna makes me realize how improper leaders are in matters pertaining to education. I hate the fact that leaders are the main reason why a society must languish in political morass. Such are the people who should improve facilities so that all districts have proper systems of learning. Resources and equipment of learning make the basic reason that results to poor performance of the kids in schools. It is a worthwhile consideration that prior to teachers doing all they can in their capacity to help kids perform well, leaders also ought to provide teachers with necessary materials needed to help them heighten their academic endeavors. From this collective responsibility, I assure that kids will be thoroughly molded hence becoming very important instruments of development in the future generations.

From the open-ended presentation, I also realized that parental influence affects the overall performance of the kids. Parents in most cases are naive and happened to not have been educated. The parents are in order to support teachers in their endeavors of developing their children. They should realize that education is somewhat an investment and each investment should be monitored thoroughly lest they are profitable. Overally, development of any child depends on the teacher, the parents and other external factors like societal influence.

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