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Date:  2023-04-21


The learning process is characterized with different activities which make the process wholesome and worthwhile in accomplishing its mandate which is to impart knowledge. All the processes are coordinated and relate to each other for effective learning to take place. The most important and integral part of the learning process is the lectures part. Lectures are the daily deliverables that are done in class by the teachers and instructors towards the students. The lectures are fundamental way through which the knowledge and the learning material is delivered to the students in a class setting. The instructor has a reference material such as a book where they get their notes from and which they use to deliver their content for the day.

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The lectures are delivered in the most convenient of ways to make sure that the receivers get to know what is expected of them. The delivery of lectures is done in the most precise and with the relatable props to advance the knowledge delivery. Teachers uses books, learning aids in the form of charts, tables and even electronic appliances such as projectors to project and explain further their topic of study. Apart from delivering their lectures, the tutors also issue assignments which are to be done by the students for evaluation purposes. The teacher issues tests to their classes to gauge their understanding levels of the topic of discussion. Apart from the tests issued, the tutor may also decide to give the students an opportunity to demonstrate their grasp levels by allowing them to ask and answer questions from their peers. The resulting effect is collaborative learning a thing that is encouraged by all the stakeholders in the education sector.

Apart from the lectures there is also evaluations which are done at the end of the semester or the school term where the teachers get to assess their students. The teachers issue the assessments in terms of exams where the learners are supposed to showcase their understanding of the terms lectures through answering the questions rightly. Exams test the retaining ability of students of the contents they studied in the whole semester. It is through the examinations that the students are graded and then evaluated if they are to proceed to the next class. Bad performance warrants punishment where one is required to repeat the previous class or are forced to resit the exam and prove themselves.

As part of assessment, teachers issue assignments in form of research questions where the students are supposed to go and research and present their findings. The research provides the basis for the teacher to evaluate the students report writing skills and their ability to present their ideas in a logical manner that can be easily understood. Report writing also tests the ability of the students to research and come with the right sources for the assignment they are doing. The use of wrong sources in writing one's report will not answer the research question and thus is evaluated to a failure. Report writing should be emphasized as writing is the second fundamental mode of communication after verbal communication.

Other activities that students engage in include co-curriculum activities which are normally games. Students involve in games to enhance their other psychomotor skills which enable them to be active in class and sharp at the same time. The games range from athletics to soccer and others like rugby and basketball. The games help students to unwind a little after the classroom activities. With the unwinding comes the relaxation and rejuvenation to face the next day activities in school. It is thus important that students participate in the co curriculum activities apart from the normal school routine for the development of other sectors of the student's life and system.

Lastly, are the workshop and practicals that these students take part in while in school. The workshop entails visiting of real life situations where whetever they are reading is applicable. The places include companies and factories where the concepts being learnt in class are being applied. For instance the teachers may decide that the students visit a nearby power plantation and see the working of the turbines and the use of motors is applied to the help generate electricity from water. That there is a concept learnt in a Physics class about motors and production of hydroelectric power from flowing water. Workshops however are not limited to the visits outside the school only. Some schools are well equipped and have some of the machines studied in class mounted on their workshop buildings and labs. The provision allows for students to save time and they can visit whenever the feel like.

From the workshops, the students are also required to provide evaluation of those visits and what they found out. Here the aspect of report writing factors in again and assessment too where the students are assessed based on the reports and the information they collected from their visits in the said workshops. From the workshops, it is where one gets experience in their supposed field of specialization and the confidence to soldier on. Students get to know what to expect on a typical day at the office that is after graduation. Workshops apart from the report writing evaluate other important skills in the lives of students. The skills of observation, reading of values and many more skills are developed at this stage in learning.


In conclusion, learning is a wide field as shown in the paragraphs above. From the paragraphs mentioned above, it is clear that learning consists of lectures which form the fundamental mode of delivery of content to students from the teachers. The lectures are accompanied with tests for assessment purposes and consequent grading of students. Apart from the assessment tests there is also the aspect of report writing that comes with so many other skills. Lastly, the school setting has workshops that students attend to which give them firsthand experience on the kind of work they will be dealing with after their graduation. It is therefore important that one passes through all the stages of learning to get the best.

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