L- Better Brand of Organic Food Products and Drinks Analysis

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Date:  2022-08-15


By preparing and marketing organic food products and drinks such as natural fruit juices, rice, beef products, dairy products, and poultry products among others. These products help in boosting health status as well as reduce health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and heart diseases of many Americans associated with the consumption of inorganic foods.

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L- Better brands can meet unmet needs in the market

The ability of L-Better products to solve critical issue generally facing American society

High level of Creativity

Highly Innovative

Hiring qualified employees who are creative and innovative for successful entrepreneurship to commercialize the ideas and inventions they generate

My business promotes the society and the well being of the environment


L-Better is a social enterprise which does business for a social cause. They combine social and commercial issues in ways that improve the lives of the public connected to the cause. Their success is not measured regarding profit alone but also in terms of the ability to improve the world. As such, it improves the lives of people not only in the US but also worldwide. As such, several people tend to be attracted to L-Better since it utilizes the social entrepreneurship model by solving social problems.


Generally, all Americans are targeted since they all suffer from these problems. However, individuals aged five years are at more risk.


Rapidly increase in consumption of organic foods such that the supply of these products cannot match the market demand. Organic drinks and food products surpass what suppliers can afford to supply.


Technological advancement offers an efficient and effective means to share the information regarding health issues associated with consuming inorganic products. Through the social media, L-Better products are advertised. Also, customers share knowledge and their attitudes, experiences, and feelings regarding their organic product and counterparts worldwide.


  • Variable costs
  • Direct materials that go into the product (raw materials)
  • Piece rate labor- the amount paid to the employees for each unit completed
  • Production supplies- for instance machinery oils whose cost depends with production volume hence the usage
  • Billable employees wages
  • Commission
  • Costs of supplies and packaging
  • Credit card fees
  • Freight out- fees incurred for shipping out products
  • Fixed costs
  • Rent
  • Salaries
  • Utilities such as the cost of electricity and phone
  • Property tax
  • Insurance


  • Profit on sales of goods
  • The commission that is acquired from customers
  • Dividend earned on share
  • Interest acquired on investment
  • Sale progresses of services or goods
  • Loans from banks, family and friends
  • Savings
  • Selling online to globalize the company
  • Offering training course for the health advantages for the products you offer
  • Increasing customer base

L-Better recognizes the relevance of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship to their success. All its decisions and strategies are formulated while integrating these ideas. The organization utilizes these elements to outperform its competitors not only in the United States but also worldwide. Through creativity, L-Better comes up with a view of social enterprise that is involved in preparing and marketing organic drinks and foods such as beef products, rice, poultry products, dairy products and natural fruit products amongst others hence solves health issues associated with consumption of inorganic foods as well as boost health status of several Americans. As such, its creative people running the business can come up with a practical solution to health complications linked to the consumption of inorganic drinks and foods that claimed the lives of millions of Americans. For instance, in 2017, approximately two million people were newly diagnosed with cancer (Taylor ,2018). Although creativity cannot be measured, its effect is felt in the success of L-Better. Through innovation, the company markets its goods and services through the use of social media whereby the message spreads rapidly to not only customers in the United States but the world at large. The organization takes an economic risk in the development of services, products, new processes primarily through innovation hence termed as the critical element in the entrepreneurial process. The organization is vital in the US since it will assist customers to avoid such diseases thus lowering death rates to such health problems. Its partners such as buyers, manufacturers, suppliers and complementary companies work together to ensure that L-Better acquires particular activities and resources, reduces the risks and uncertainties and that the organization optimizes economies of scale.

The l-better competitive advantage is behind the brand and its capacity to meet the unmet market needs as well as solve critical generally facing American society. This resulted in a rapid increase in the number of people consuming organic foods. Through L-Better more the 50% of the Americans have become aware of health consumption. However, in the US, organic drinks and food products demands exceed what the suppliers can manage to supply. Establishment of L-Better in the US helps in creating awareness of consuming inorganic products to increase the knowledge of health issues related to consuming these products.

Quite a large number of consumers in the US and all over the world are concerned about their health status. Technology has also played a critical factor in creating this awareness and advertising of organic products produced by the company. Moreover, technology enhances digital purchase of supplies and sale. The company's revenue stream includes loans from banks, family and friends, profit that it makes from sales, a commission from customers, dividends from shares amongst others.

The variable cost in L-Better is the cost that changes in relation to changes in business activities. The "activity" in this case refers to the regular production volume, with the volume of sales being a further triggering event. Therefore materials utilized as the components in a product are termed as variable costs. This is because the directly vary with the number of units of products manufactured.

Fixed costs are the costs that never changes over the short-term regardless of if the business changes its activity levels or sales volume. As such, this cost is usually associated with the period. It is important to important to understand to understand the fixed costs of L-Better to ensure that the business maintains a high revenue level that caters for its expenses and never makes losses. Fixed costs are incurred even if production stops.

Disruptions in a certain industry do not kill all participants. That is, some die, a considerable number of them remain struggling, and another percentage of the industry players thrive. This does not occur because of a good or bad chance. Empirical research has found that effectiveness of a firm's strategic management and its ability to adjust and respond to rapid changes in the marketplace are very important when it comes to superior performance and success of any business organization (Vial, V. 2016, 2).


Taylor, J. (2018). The Five Stages of the Creative Process. [online] James Taylor. Available at: https://www.jamestaylor.me/creative-process-five-stages/ [Accessed 6 Oct. 2018].

Vial, V. (2016). A Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprises. Sains Humanika, 8(1-2).

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